Have you always wanted to be more feminine and attract more guys? Or maybe you just want to explore what it feels like to be a ‘girly girl’ for once? That’s fine because femininity is yours to explore! There are no set rules to what femininity is, apart from the ones that society dictates but the funny thing is that you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to.

Femininity doesn’t mean that you can’t be intelligent, strong or assertive you have to be girly or domesticated all the time. You decide what your own definition of femininity is and never conform to what anyone else says unless you feel comfortable with it. This article explains several ways in which you can look, act and feel more feminine. Being feminine requires very little effort, despite what a lot of people think.

16 Tips on How to Be More Feminine and Still Be Yourself


Keep Your Female Body Parts Function Well

Maintaining good personal hygiene standards is one way you can be more feminine. Keep a clean vagina by maintaining a healthy PH balance. You can do this by eating plenty of natural yogurt, washing your vagina with water only and keeping that area of your body well ventilated. Washing your vagina with soap is not advisable because it can cause irritation.

When you are on your period, change your sanitary towel or tampon regularly. Also, you could consider using a menstrual cup.

Eating a healthy balanced diet and adding certain foods in your diet will play a key role in the overall health of your vagina. Cranberry juice is good for preventing urine infections and yogurt wards off yeast and other bacterial infections. If you ever experience vaginal dryness then incorporate more soy products in your diet, like soya milk, beans and nuts. They will increase the amount of estrogen in your body which can act as a lubricant.


Display Your Vulnerability

Another key way on how to be more feminine is by allowing yourself to fall vulnerable in certain situations. Part of being vulnerable is realizing that you cannot do everything or fight every battle yourself. For example, you may be able to kill a snake all by yourself as a woman but realizing that a man can do it and stepping aside to let him proceed is a way to display vulnerability.


Make Use Of Music

Don’t underestimate how powerful music is. Music has the ability to change your mood and influence the way you think and act. It can make you feel: happy, grateful, serene and soft, which are some traits to consider adopting in regards to how to be more feminine.


Try To Understand

Seek to understand instead of moan and complain, blame, bitch or criticize. We are presented with plenty of situations that tempt us to display these negative feelings but doing that only takes the power away from ourselves. If you would like to be a bit more ladylike and attractive then seek to be calmer in negative situations.


Be Confident

Confidence is a key tip on how to be more feminine. Be comfortable, love yourself and develop your own style and naturally it will attract people towards you. Smiling can be a sign of confidence and is a very feminine trait, so wear your best smile and let your femininity radiate.


Get Healthy and Listen To Your Body

To look more feminine, you need to be healthy looking, so if you think you may have an underlying health issue then make sure you see a doctor. Good health is paramount and part of being feminine is being strong. Take your health seriously and try to keep fit too.

Get into some type of exercise routine that lets you unwind, promotes good health and soothes you and the daily pressures of life. Taking yoga classes allows you to heal and releases tension.


Think About Your Action and Words

Look at yourself in front of a mirror and meditate on your being and existence. Think of the things you would like to do and not like to do, also. Being feminine is more than just your appearance, it’s about how you feel, what you say and how you act around others. Another very important thing to know is that you must be comfortable with yourself and love your body. If you want to be more feminine, then learn to act and walk like one. I’m not saying behave like a model, but you should act with grace, be gentle and courteous.

Also, speak politely and eloquently and also in a calm manner. Don’t use vulgar language or swearwords. Speaking with bad manners can be seen as a turn off and some men find it repulsive.


Learn Accepting

Sometimes just accept things instead of being judgmental. If you are having issues with your other half then offer a listening ear and hear him out. Doing this will allow both of you to come up with a reasonable solution.


Realize Femininity Means Strength

There are different forms of strength and contrary to what most people think. It doesn’t have to be fierce, aggressive or overpowering. A sexist view on women is that they are weak, but when you take into consideration all the things they do, such as run the home, carry a child for nine month and give birth, they are actually strong and feminine at the same time.


Take Pride In a Feminine Appearance

A lot of women wear clothes that are considered masculine and there is nothing wrong with this. However, there is no harm in dressing up in more feminine clothes. You can do this once in a while. To look feminine and feel feminine, wear something that accentuates your curves, do your hair nicely and spray on your favorite fragrance.


Relax, Play and Be Spontaneous

Let your hair loose sometimes and show your fun and silly side. Some women get so carried away with being womanly that they forget to laugh and be playful. These traits can be seen as feminine too.


Wear Dresses and Skirts

Skirts and dresses symbolize femininity. You should pick out dresses to wear based on how feminine they make you feel. If you feel feminine in them then people will most likely perceive those traits from you too.


Embrace Color

Bright colors can make you look more vibrant and attractive, so explore with reds, pinks, peaches and even oranges. If you are not too keen on bright bold colors, then you can accessorize your outfit with a colorful bag or a pair of heels.


Don’t Cut Your Hair

In certain cultures, hair is what makes you beautiful, so if you have it, beautifying themselves from the neck down rather than focusing on the rest of their body. If they spent more time focusing on being fitter, then they could be considered as attractive also.

Lovely smelling perfumes can attract the attention of a man. Spray yourself with perfume in the day and also at night. It doesn’t even have to be for a special occasion. When you smell good and look good, it accentuates your femininity.


Go Dancing

Dancing is a great way to have fun. Attend a class like salsa or Zumba because they allow you to use feminine parts of your body to move, such as your hips, bum and waist.


Please Treat Yourself Sexually

Yes, masturbate! Having a clitoris was no mistake and it was made for you to do as you please with it. Sexual energy is very strong and it maintains our creativity and health levels.


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