Emotional strength is one of those factors in life which is not just important but irreplaceable when it comes to preserving your own happiness and that of others. Knowing how to be emotionally strong in daily life and your relationships can help you be much more satisfied with things. Failures come and go just as successes do; knowing how to deal with the former requires a great deal of courage, something that is complemented by emotional strength.

7 Traits of Emotionally Strong People


They aren’t all-powerful

Contrary to the popular belief, emotionally strong people aren’t invincible. They have their own weaknesses (and sometimes a lot of those), but they choose to be strong. It is often said that the absence of fear isn’t courage. To be brave is to be scared and still choose to overcome them; to face one’s worst nightmares steadfastly determines what strength is.


They take advice but choose not to follow

This may seem surprising but really, it isn’t. Emotionally strong people choose to live on their own terms. They realize that it might all go south, but they also know that they are strong enough to face whatever comes their way. To learn how to be emotionally strong requires one to be comfortable with one’s own choices and that is exactly what these people do.


Expectations are scary for them

As said before, these guys aren’t unbreakable. They just choose not to appear weak even when burdened with expectations and commitments. You may be crumbling inside, in fact it is perfectly normal to be that way, but emotional strength means to not advertise that to the whole world and keep it together even things get scary. Intimidation is natural, what you do about it defines who you are.


They apologize

A sure-fire sign of emotional maturity is knowing when to admit your own faults. No one is perfect and no one can be. However, by apologizing and taking responsibility for their actions, emotionally strong people show why they are labeled so. So the next time you think that saying sorry is going to make you “appear weak”, don’t! It will show people that you are not afraid of admitting your faults and willing to learn from them.


They realize heartbreaks are temporary

Life is like a never-ending cycle of happiness and heartbreak. Neither one is permanent. Every time I advise someone on how to be emotionally strong, I tell them that time heals all wounds and not to take anything for granted. Joy and sorrow come and go, so make the most of the former and learn as much as you can from the latter.


They don’t cry in front of others

This is as much about pride as it is about individualism. Emotional strength comes from being comfortable about yourself. Unless things are really, really bad, you shouldn’t show your tears to others. Sure, cry when you’re alone. Talk to yourself, comfort yourself and remind yourself how good you are. Breaking down in front of others isn’t the best way to show your emotional strength.


They accept change

This can be hard, but being mentally strong requires you to realize, accept and even embrace change. In the end, nothing stays. We’re all temporary, so it would be unfair to expect anything to last forever. Change is definitely the only constant and the faster you accept that, the further down the road you are to achieving emotional strength.

7 Things You Should Never Do If You Want to Be Emotionally Strong


Don’t vie for attention

You would only need someone else’s attention when you are not comfortable in your skin. Realize that you are good enough for yourself and that other things and people are just additions in your life. Additions who, admittedly, make you happy but additions nonetheless. So don’t go begging to them for their attention, let them come to you. Both parties will be happier that way.


Don’t let down your standards

Emotionally strong people don’t need too many people in their lives because they realize that they are good enough. So, they have high standards when it comes to letting people in. Lesson? Don’t let just anybody into your personal space. Be picky. Be choosy. You deserve it. And make sure the people who you let into your life realize that fact as well.


Don’t let saying “no” become an issue

Again, this is something you will need to get comfortable with (if you aren’t already) if you are going to learn how to be emotionally strong. Know what is right for you and accept those things. Similarly, cut off the negatives. Say “no”. Maintain your standards and don’t drop them for anyone who you think doesn’t deserve it. This will increase the overall quality of people in your life and that of your life as well.


Don’t hesitate in love and life

If you are strong, you will know that it is unacceptable to go half-hearted into something. After all, I have been discussing all along how high standards are important. What good is it if you don’t make the most of the things and people that pass your tests? They are the gems you want to cherish, so go out and hold them close to you without hesitation.


Don’t hold grudges

Yes, grudges are immature. We used to hold grudges in high school so let’s just leave it there. Start realizing that each person is different and that not all of them are going to make you happy, so there’s no point in expecting them to even after they have cut you off. People aren’t going to be nice to you all the time. The best you can do is to ignore them and move on.


Don’t be afraid to slow down

Keeping yourself busy is a great way to get over bad times, but in the end it is just running away from your problems. So take it slow at times and face your life as it is. It’s not so bad; you’ve still got yourself!


Finally, don’t stop believing!

Belief is everything: in yourself and in the fact that good things will come. This might sound like a cliché and much repeated, and it probably is but it is true nonetheless. A little bit of unwavering faith in yourself can take you the distance! So believe in yourself and be happy!


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