You know by now there is no fool proof way to become irresistible to every woman you met, and yet you surely realize that there are some tips that can answer your question regarding how to be attractive to women. That guy effortlessly charming girls must have some tricks up his sleeve and we’ll help you identify those. But keep in mind that being too focused on your play will not get you great results. Instead, maintain a healthy level of relaxation in your attitude and the good times will come to you.

10 Things You Should Do to Be Attractive to Women


Dress like the man you want to be

If you were to do a photo shoot for a magazine cover tomorrow, what would you put on? Well, that is exactly how you should dress constantly to be attractive to women. Yes, it is superficial, but it can bring great improvements in your life beyond just the regular how to be attractive to women tips. Better dressing can land you better paid jobs, which will improve your living standard. Affording more expensive things will, in turn, increase your success with ladies again.


Use your diaphragm when you talk

Singers support and modulate their voices by using their abdominal muscles. If you are looking for answers to how to be attractive to women, using your voice to sound sure of yourself and empowered will work wonders. Studies show that women prefer stronger and lower voices. Not only that, but they remember better something spoken by a man with a deep voice. You wouldn’t want to sound like a mouse anyway, so use your belly muscles when you speak and draw air in before starting a longer sentence.


Show thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness shows people that you care. It extends beyond just the ladies or your girlfriend and has the potential to make you a great company for everyone. When someone remembers your favorite team, where you like to eat and your favorite dish, when they remember your birthday, all that makes you feel good, right? Or sometimes it feels like you deserve it anyway, but when it stops coming you would be upset about it, wouldn’t you? For that exact reason you should cultivate being thoughtful. Girls are often like that and they like when they deal with people who are just as thoughtful.


Think about how your actions are seen

Much like thoughtfulness, this has a lot to do with premeditation. We are not saying that you should carefully schedule everything in your life and every interaction, but you should avoid embarrassment at all costs. Don’t be the party pooper who ruins the evening with a stupid remark. Don’t be codependent and whiny and, above all else, don’t be rude. Even if you personally think you are not rude, try to gauge your own behavior from everyone else’s perspective.


Hide your self-consciousness

In fact, you should aim to radiate positivity! We all are more or less preoccupied that we are not the most handsome person in the room, or that we are sometimes socially awkward. Instead of focusing on those things, be fully present in the moment and stay positive. Even if the women you meet are not really positive themselves, be certain that they like to deal with someone who looks like he is able to improve their mood. We all enjoy having positive people nearby and you can bet that so do they. Show her that you can improve her life rather than make it worse.


Be genuinely interested

Cultivating your curiosity will support your effort to impress her. People can generally tell when the curiosity is genuine, so the only way to trick them is to offer real interest. This will help you find out what she likes. Finding out what she likes gives you the opportunity to casually invite her to see a movie while you’re gathering your wits to ask her out on a real date.


Act freely and have initiative

By acting freely, we don’t mean it is okay to be rude. No, that is forever out of the how to be attractive to women tip list. Instead, if you have a pertinent opinion or something interesting to say, open your mouth and say it. Even if you’re in public, or even if you’re an introvert, saying what you think – provided it’s not something stupid – will make you look like a laid-back, relaxed guy with tons of self-confidence.


Improve your posture

Studies show that women prefer taller guys. It’s an evolutionary instinct. So do your best to walk tall. If you are short or average height, avoid overhead heavy lifting at the gym, as it will compress your spine and make you temporarily shorter. Instead, work on your back and core muscles which help you maintain a great posture when you walk or stand. You should practice pulling your head up - even if it is difficult to do before you get used to it. Imagine you are hanging by a thread attached to the top of your head. This exercise will help you stretch your back. If you keep doing this daily, your posture will greatly improve, and you may add one whole extra inch to your height.


Do something with your life!

Girls love a Tony Stark, don’t they? While it is unlikely that you can get to earn billions and have your own company, you should try making an impact everywhere you go. If it’s work, put your whole soul into it and it will be repaid. If you’re partying, party hard. By no means should this be read as “get drunk and naked and do a belly dance on tables.” Instead invite all the ladies to dance with you (extra tip: don’t insist if they say no). Drive, participate in sports contests, do some rafting! Be interesting instead of a couch potato.


Less is more

The more desperate you are, the less you repel women. The more focused you are on composing a “game”, the most it will become apparent that you are not genuine. Care a bit less and try to enjoy your life. A guy with a well-rounded personality and lots of interesting hobbies is and will always be a ladies’ magnet.


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