It’s a path of happiness, one to take by yourself. Being strong and independent is beyond relying on another or society for personal validation, but also to have the confidence in yourself. Being strong doesn’t mean behaving the way a man does, rather it is the act of embracing feminism and held it with pride from the world to see. Take control and responsibility for your own actions and complete them.

How to be a strong woman? Read our guide to learn how to embrace your feminity and be the woman you want to be.

How to Be a Strong Woman: Follow These 9 Rules and Be an Emotionally Strong Woman


Be Confident

Words or actions of others should not sway your self-esteem and confidence. You don’t need another’s approval for the way you live. The media show unrealistic expectations for how women should look like, how they should act like, but this supposed “perfection” is only harmful. You should be proud of your own body, as strong women don’t let themselves be affected. What make you stand out from the crowd is your assets, one you should carry with pride. Shape, skin color, size, form of self-expression or even gender identity, you are your own person, be yourself. A strong, independent woman is proud that they are a woman, for who they truly are.


Always Handle Your Own Situations

Being strong would mean that you are going to be handling your own situations, no matter how good or bad it is. While this is something everyone should have done themselves, this is more about being your very own leader of your life. Make your voice heard and decisions should be that of your own choices. Job worries, roommate problems, even flat tires, you will deal with them all. Surpass the expectation that males do specific stuff while females should do another. Handles any situations handed to you, the power comes in the knowledge to solve it. Don’t forget, however, that it’s never a bad thing to rely on others when the going gets too tough.


Become a Lifelong Learner

Not all educations come with a degree to show off (e.g. masters from a university). Read the news, keep up with the latest events, the advancement in science and technology. Enrich yourself with books of any genre, learn a new language, a musical instrument and so on. Continue to expand your knowledge throughout your life.


Handle Your Relationship

Being strong and independent does not mean that you should be avoiding a romantic relationship. Being in a romantic relationship as a strong woman means that you would personally dictate your own relationship. The man is not in control, rather you are both equal. Take the time to find one worth investing the effort, energy and emotions into. You don’t need a partner that are controlling, disrespectful or belittles you. You are the one in control, the ones who tried to confine your life is not worth your time.


Don’t Neglect Careers

Careers should be the forefront of your life. You can’t be independent if you don’t put in the effort. Hard work is your best friend and worst enemy, regardless of age, religion, gender, etc. Strive for your future, your careers, whether it’s putting in overtime work for your projects or even when you are a CEO of a multinational company. To be independent is to work hard, and to be able to work hard means strength. Feminism and equality of the sort can only be achieved by the women who had to reach the top and continue to fuel dreams and aspirations for other women out there. They are your inspirations that there is no limit to your career potential.


Understand Your Income

A lesson in personal finance is probably the most important aspect for anyone’s independence. Understand where your money comes from and goes, so you could rely less on others. Spend wisely, avoiding frivolous and wasteful expenditures, save a portion of your salary when it arrives. When you evaluate your income, take into account any deductions coming out of your pay, such as taxes and retirement funds. Learn to budget your spending to avoid overspending.


Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Women

While a role model is excellent for inspirations, careful that that respect does not turn into foolish jealousy. A little jealousy is natural and always welcomed if it motivates you to work harder, just never let it control your life.


Embrace the Uniqueness of Yourself

You are unique in your own ways, everyone embraces them, both yourself and others. Cultivate happiness and compassion in the fact that a person is gifted and talented in their own way, that includes you too. What is your best asset? Painting abilities, leadership skills, mathematics or the ability to work harder than your peers? Love yourself for your own uniqueness and make use of the skills and resources given to you.


Control Your Life

Last but not least, a strong, independent woman would always be in control of their own life. For how to be a strong woman, you have to achieve this. Control is merely the societal expectations of what everyone should and should not be doing, a mere illusion created to maintain a subjective order that if broken, will destroy the society. While it does serve its purpose, know that at the end of the day, you are still the one who makes the choices and decisions in the way you lead your life. Knowing that you are the one in control boost your confidence and self-esteem, self-control is an asset. Standing up against a bully is being strong. Making sure you are never late for your appointments is being strong. Giving yourself a treat with a drink or two after work is being independent. Doing chores and cooking your own meal daily without fail is being independent. You carve your own path in life, and that is how is should always be.


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