Parents have the most difficult job in the world. They have the responsibility of raising someone for more than 20 years. They endure a lot of sacrifices and put their children first in every decision that they make. Yet, there are times when their children do not see the value of their advice and scolding. They tend to take their parents for granted, and this weakens their relationship. However, it is important to know how to be a good daughter and son and appreciate parents.

Top 12 Ways to Be a Good Daughter


Do not forget special days

Being a good daughter starts with remembering their special days. Whether these may be their birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, your parents would truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Remember that they devoted a huge part of their lives with you at the center. These are the only days that they get to be the star and arranging something special for them is a way to make them happy.


Be disciplined

Your parents taught you a lot of things in order for you to grow as an independent and mature woman. Part of the things that they taught you are basic life skills. To be a good daughter, you have to take responsibility of your things. It is important for you to clean as you go and be orderly as it shows them that you are mature enough to take care of yourself.


Be patient with them

As you get old, your parents are also getting old. There will come a time that their memory would not be as sharp or that they would need more help in doing something. You can be a good daughter by being patient with them, especially when they make these little requests. Your parents, as you know, are the most patient human beings in this world. Caring for you and meeting your needs were not easy but they did it because they love you.


Share your successes

There is nothing more heartwarming for your parents than to see you happy and successful. However, they would not always be there to celebrate and witness your happy moments. Pictures of your adventures go a long way because your parents can still have the chance to be part of them even if through photos only. You will realize that what makes them happy is seeing you happy.


Show your affection

To be a good daughter, you have to be affectionate. As you spend only some of your time together, being affectionate means making up for all the lost time. Doing this would make them feel that they are appreciated even if a lot of things are already competing for your time. There may not be enough time for you to spend with them but there is always time for you to show how much you love them.


Give them gifts

If you are wondering how to be a good daughter, you can start by giving gifts to your parents. You may give them during special occasions or for no reason at all. Gifts do not have to be big – they can be something small that you think they will truly appreciate. These gifts may mean that snack that they have been craving or that shirt that they want to buy. No matter what the gift is, it matters.


Accept their generosity and help

Now that you are a grown-up and are earning your own salary, it is now easier for you to support yourself and feel independent in everything. Because you got used to doing things on your own, you may seem not to need help from anyone. When they pay for something, let them be and do not force them to take your contribution. They do it because they want to and because they just want to help you.


Revisit childhood memories

Be a good daughter and have fun with your parents by revisiting your childhood memories with them. It is interesting to revisit these memories from different perspectives as it adds more color to the experience. This may just be a little thing but it will surely make their hearts flutter and smile from these thoughts.


Gossip with them

If you want to know how to be a good daughter, remember that there is nothing more enjoyable than just chilling and chatting with your parents. It is simple but it adds a lot of dimensions to the experience. Simply telling them about the latest news from your previous officemates or the funny and embarrassing experiences that you have had with your friends can already make them happy. Talking negatively about people, even if it seems a little bit harsh, is really one way that you both can bond and laugh together.


Involve them in your big decisions

There will be times in your life that you have to make a big decision. Whether it may be about a career move or a business risk, involving your parents in big decisions is really important. It shows that you are a good daughter as you value their opinion on life-changing matters in your life. It can also help you because they can give advice based on their past experiences.


Be their support system

If you want to know how to be a good daughter, you have to understand that you should also be their support system. There will be times that your parents will be down and could not take things anymore. All they want to have is someone who can listen and help them go through difficult times. Be there during these times and show them that you care.


Take time to visit and spend time

Time is the most valuable currency. If you are thinking about how to be a good daughter, simply visit and spend time with them. Make sure that they are a huge and important part of your busy life. Make these moments count as they will surely last for a lifetime.


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