Being a classy lady is not about being posh. It has nothing to do with growing up in a high-class family or having an elite boarding school background. The history knows many self-made classy ladies, from Marilyn Monroe to Jane Birkin and Nicole Kidman, to name just a few examples. You can become one of them too, if you know how to be a classy lady in an authentic way, by flaunting your best side and turning all the little flaws into charming peculiarities. The guide below is here to help you navigate the glistening waters of classy ladyhood.

12 Tips on How to Be a Classy Lady


Manners are modern

In today’s world where everything is so average, there is still room for flaunting your good manners like it’s back to the aristocratic 1900s. Whether invited to a charity gala or a casual dinner at your friends’, it’s important to keep your class and stick to the etiquette dictated by the situation. Just remember not to overplay it – a laid-back attitude, where appropriate, should serve you well too.


Picking the right role models

It’s hardly possible to be born a classy lady, isn’t it? So for the most part of it, we keep learning – from art, literature, and other people. Picking the right role models is one of the first steps to refinement. But being classy also means staying original and not overlooking role models from the past, as cultural awareness is what can give you an extra point in learning how to be a classy lady. Famous cinema stars can obviously qualify – in terms of style, the Golden Age of Hollywood was impeccable. However, how exactly could you translate it into your contemporary wardrobe?


Your language can betray

Cursing like a sailor won’t get you anywhere if you are setting out to learn how to be a classy lady. Surely, sometimes it can spice up a conversation just properly, but almost anytime it’s a ban to swear, pronounce discriminatory and derogatory opinions, as well as use inappropriate jargon. Of course, it’s not about becoming sort of a robot in public, but sticking to the ever elusive ideal of a refined socialite definitely involves minding your language.


Keeping your posture

As obvious as it seems, you should not overlook the importance of keeping your posture just right. This is even more important than your language and is the surest way to recognize a classy lady from afar - no slump shoulders, and the upright, good posture to air your significance unobtrusively and to speak for you before you open your mouth.


Mastering self-care

Knowing how to look after yourself means working out the ability to retain your high class. This includes choosing best practices of self-care that work specifically for you, by trials and errors until you’re completely sure you have found your golden recipes for standing out from the crowd.


It’s not about appearances only

Your appearance should give only a slight clue about your personality instead of screaming at every passer-by. You can’t buy refinement and elegance, because this is something that comes with intelligence, taste and self-discipline. Learn from the dandies of the 19th century – their principle of inconspicuous conspicuousness should definitely ring a bell for every lady as well.


Social prowess

Surmounting the façade of your smart dress, your companions are likely to assess your communication skills and general social prowess. This is where multiple pitfalls hide, but frustration aside - the art of holding yourself comes from genuine self-respect. With this, you will be capable of airing confidence and attracting glances in the most dignified way.


Retaining your coolness

A classy lady knows that there is no need to prove anything to anyone. However, it’s critical to learn how to control your emotions and not to show you are affected with anyone’s words or deeds. Remain cool whatever the circumstances, and this could greatly contribute to your social prowess – of which we’ll talk about later.


Winning at mishaps

Be ready for anything to upset your journey to be a classy lady. On the way, there are always risks of a mishap, a misfortune or just an utterly awkward moment, and you should learn how to effectively handle all of them without losing your cool. However, it is a true talent to be able to find the value in yourself and nurture this value despite disappointments and delusions that come with experience. A bit of humor helps, definitely. Also, it’s a special ironic (or a bit sarcastic) attitude that should allow you to laugh at yourself, together with the ones who are ready to share this bout with you.


Holding on to your uniqueness

Healthy self-esteem is what makes classy ladies stand out from the crowd. Embrace the talent to feel at ease in any circumstances, and to oppose the majority as you should know that you are rare but without being arrogant.


Caring for others

This focus should spread to your day-to-day encounters with other people as well. Learning how to be a classy lady involves being a good listener who knows how to give away love and respect for others. It’s really crucial not only to take pride in yourself but also the people who surround you – so be attentive to them and don’t be obsessed with your own persona.


Knowing how to project yourself

There is no point in stocking yourself up with all those great qualities and not knowing how to project yourself properly in order to highlight them. This takes time indeed, but you should know no barriers if you truly want to embrace the art of being a classy lady. If you are not yet sure about the impression you make, consult your closest friends or mother – another person’s fair opinion should definitely contribute to your self-awareness.


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