Face is that part of your body that describes you in front of people, so it is very important to take care of your face as much as possible. For this purpose many creams and makeup products and accessories are available in the market but instead of purchasing so many products (such as moisturizer, bronzer, concealer and filler etc.), you can buy a single product which cover all these functions. That product is BB cream (Blemish balm cream). This cream was first made by a German doctor almost 50 years ago and since then its popularity is increasing with every passing day. Initially this cream was used as a medical product which is applied over skin to heal the skin problems and cover scars as filler. But as time passed, it has gained its importance as a regular-use cosmetic product.

In the following discussed points, you will get to know how to apply a BB cream effectively.

Choose the Right BB Cream

Find Your Desired Effect

As discussed above, the BB cream offers a number of functions and is used as a multi-purpose cosmetic agent, so make sure that you read the label of BB cream prior to making the purchase. 

Also make sure that you are purchasing the cream from a reputable company. Following are some widely accepted functions of BB cream:

  • Moisturizer

  • Skin polisher and whitener

  • Skin primer

  • Antiaging properties

  • Concealer and filler etc.

Research and Reviews

The effects of BB cream vary significantly from products to products. There are some local companies who manufacture BB cream as a cosmetic entity while other companies may have different objectives. It is always recommended to do some research and read reviews on the internet and magazines so that you have a better idea about the product before purchasing.

Selection of Cream According to Your Skin Type

The selection of BB cream according to skin type is very important. If you choose according to wrong skin type, it will cause allergic reactions on your skin. The skin type varies from oil to dry. Here are some points that will help you in selecting your BB cream:

  • Oily skin: people who have oily skins are restricted to one area because they cannot select a variety of products. Oily skin is sensitive, so select natural products without chemicals. Select a matte finish based BB cream for best results.

  • Normal skin: people with normal skin can use a multiple range of products. A moisturizer based BB cream is proved to be effective, as it makes the skin smoother and shinier.

  • Dry skin: moisturizers and creams with more water base is suggested for people who have dry skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and provides a soft, moist and glowy look on the skin.

Other Tips

  • Try not to purchase a product directly without getting any knowledge about it. It is recommended to get a sample first (you can also try free samples). Check it by applying a little amount on your skin. If you feel satisfied then only select the product.

  • Select the BB cream which has a tone near the same as your skin tone. Darker shades will make you look dark and lighter tone will make a clear differentiation line in your skin and body.

Proper Ways to Apply BB Cream


Apply a Moisturizer First

It is recommended that you apply a thin layer of moisturizer first, even if your BB cream claims that it contains both moisturizer and foundation.  This will prevent cracking of your skin or appearance of dry patches. People with oily skin can apply skin moisturizer and people with dry and normal skin need to apply a fine layer of moisturizer.


Apply a Small Amount

Do not squeeze out a large amount. Always take out a little amount and place it over the skin with gentle hands then gradually spread with fingers so that it gets gently blended. Once it get absorbed in the skin completely, apply the skin layer (a little more amount than the first one is acceptable). With the help of your fingertips apply gentle pressure to the grooved areas such as under the eyes for proper blending.


Get Full Coverage

After covering all the skin with cream, make sure no spaces are left unattended. Now start blending the skin by gently moving your fingertips in a circular motion so that the cream is evenly distributed. For even distribution, fingertips or brush can be used.


Apply in the Same Manner as on Your Neck

For natural looking skin, apply the BB cream over your neck in the same manner as discussed for face.


Finish with Powder

After application and blending of BB cream, apply some powder with a puff to let the cream to set for all day. Application of powder will give a more long lasting effect to the BB cream. Just apply a little puff and here you go, ready for a fabulous day!

  • Fingertips can also be used instead of powder brushes and puffs; this will give a much better and natural look.
  • Women with much darker skin tone are recommended to mix some foundation; this will give the same tone as of your skin.
  • Make sure to remove the cream before going to bed, as it can clog your skin by embedding into pores and gives rise to acne and blemishes.

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