Spice is also known as potpourri, herbal incense, K2, legal weed, synthetic marijuana, fake pot, or synthetic cannabis. Maybe some people have known it well while some people just take it as a seasoning like pepper. Since know you have known it is really a kind of drug, a common question that you may wonder about is "how long does Spice stay in your system." Well, to better answer the question how long does synthetic weed stay in system, you need to understand what it is at first. 

What Is Spice?

As mentioned, before you can answer the question of how long does synthetic weed stay in your system, it helps to learn more basic information about it. Spice was first introduced in the UK in 2004 and by the year 2006, two brands, Spice and K2, became the generic words used to describe all synthetic cannabis following a large increase of this product on the market.

Spice that is traditionally smoked appears to look just like marijuana or herbal tobacco since it is made from chopped up herbs as well as dried plant material. These herbs can include zornia latifolia, leonotis leonurus and canavalia maritima. Each of these ingredients affects the answer to how long does spice stay in your system. Originally, Spice was sprayed using artificial cannabinoids which are a mix of colors that include brown, cream red and beige.

There are multiple synthetic cannabinoids that can be found within Spice, but the most common of these is known as JWH-018 and was developed as recently as 1995. Additional synthetic cannabinoids that may be commonly found in Spice are:

  • CP 47497

  • HU-210

  • JWH-073

One more thing you should know about the Spice is that in the beginning, Spice was legally sold around the world, particularly through use of the internet. Today, however, most countries recognize synthetic cannabis as a dangerous substance and have made it illegal, including the United States.

How Long Does Spice Stay in Your System?

When you ask how long does Spice stay in your system, you refer to the euphoric effect associated with it as well as its traces in your blood. Spice is frequently smoked in pipes or with tobacco. At some point, however, you may find yourself need to pass a blood test of some sort and wonder if it will be detected or not if you have taken it few days ago.

The fact is that no one knows the exact answer to how long does Spice stay in your system. Experts need to conduct much more research about the toxicology and metabolism of synthetic cannabinoids as they are very new. Keep in mind that each of the synthetic cannabinoids in Spice have only existed for a few decades, which is why there are almost not a sure answer to this question as well as how the body metabolizes it.

Despite this lack of information, anecdotal evidence points that Spice can affect you for days or weeks. The levels of Spice that are detectable may vary based on use, but it is common to be 24 hours. There are also new urine tests targeting JWH-018 and JWH-073, which get a testing window of 72 hours maximum.

A Word About Spice Drug Detection

At the moment, detecting Spice relies on special urine tests that search for the synthetic substances that are commonly found in brands of this drug. These tests include searches for the compounds mentioned in this article, but the tests aren’t done in any routine labs. This means that you only have to worry about how long does synthetic weed stay in your system if someone suspects you may be taking it or if it must be specifically checked for, such as when applying to be a member of the U.S. Military.


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