Many astrologers write articles about seducing, loving and living with the different zodiac signs, but few of them cover the topic of breaking up. Breakups are a difficult and inevitable part of modern life and each zodiac sign has their own way of dealing with them.

Here is a quick guide to how the different astrology signs handle breakups!

How Each Astrology Sign Handles a Breakup


People born under the sign of Aries get easily bored. They want an adventurous and passionate relationship that will keep them on their toes. When an Aries goes through a breakup, he/she will be extremely angry and upset, but will not wallow in their feelings for even a second. Instead, they will go out and meet new people.


Taureans have a difficult moving on with their life. However, once they say they're done they won't look back anymore. When going through a breakup, the Taureans will have mixed emotions of depression, anger, hate and grief, yet deep down they still hope for reconciliation. They prefer to talk through their feelings and may need a bit of time to heal.


Geminis are fun loving individuals who are able to hide their dissatisfaction behind their smile. They bounce back quickly after a breakup, but they may surprise you with their inventive and clever ways of stalking or jealous outbursts.


Cancers are overly sensitive, loving and caring individuals, so naturally, they are deeply affected by breakups. Sometimes they tend to be extremely jealous and clingy, and they need to be showered with attention and love. They lean heavily on their family and friends and tend to express their emotions, but once they work through their feelings, they will emerge stronger than ever.


When it comes to relationships, Leos are very stubborn and tend to think too highly of themselves. They are too proud, so they will start searching for a new partner or keep themselves busy with work, immediately after the breakup.


Virgos are practical and down to earth people, who want to cut their losses short early in the relationship if it brings more losses than gains. When going through a breakup, they will suffer in silence and will try to best to control their emotions and not let the world how deeply they are affected.


People born under the sing of Libra are calm individuals who want balance in their life. Even though they are usually calm and peaceful, they will find themselves in a state of extreme anxiety after a breakup. Their insecurities will come to the fore and they will find themselves constantly seeking reassurance from work or old romantic partners.


Scorpios are able to love very deeply and hate much more deeply. A part of them is glad when a breakup happens as they find relationships suffocating. However, if they have invested too many emotions in the relationship, they will do anything to get their ex-partner back.


Those born under the Sagittarius sign crave romance and lust. They are very independent, so committing to a single relationship could be difficult for them. Sagittarians will be very sad and depressed after a breakup, but they are naturally optimistic, so they will recover quickly.


Capricorns are very hardworking individuals, so they will try hard to maintain balance in their work and romantic relationships. They are very stubborn, so they may seem unaffected by the breakup. Even though they will carry on as if nothing happened, internally they will be crying a river.


Aquarians can be very devoted and loving and manipulative at the same time. They hate breakups and when going through a breakup, they tend to retreat into their own world. They will be cold, detached and distant and prefer to be left alone.


People born under the sign of Pisces are sensitive individuals who invest a lot of emotions in their relationships. They are dreamers who have difficulty handling breakups and are most likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

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