Couples in movies know the moment they meet that they have found the special person who they will get married and have children with. Their eternal bliss begins almost immediately. But how do you know if someone is the one in the real world? Unfortunately, it is hard to determine the future of a relationship in advance, but you should have confidence if you've noticed the following signs which are traits of a healthy and lasting relationship.

How Do You Know If Someone Is The One?


Your family and friends encourage the relationship

If the people who are closest to you encourage your relationship and see the things you see in that person, you probably find the one and you two belong together. This is different from having your family and friends pushing you to a relationship with someone that you are not interested in. Do disregard their advice in such cases. 


You are happy

If you have found the one, you will be happy through all the ups and downs in your life, which means there is nothing blocking your ways to happiness. But if you are always struggling with one thing or another in a relationship and think you are just one step away from happiness, then you should know that something is wrong, because there is always another issue after you solve this one. Yeah, you have a kind of satisfactory partner, but that person may be just not the one.


You share similar priorities

Two people must be compatible and work towards the same direction to enjoy a deep and long-term connection no matter they are attracted to each other by similarities or differences. For example, if you are trying to achieve you career goals and prepare for the future while your partner is just looking for money to spend over the weekend and enjoy the moment, you two have different life priorities. That may lead to disputes, arguments and at last a breakup.


Your relationship is built on mutual respect

How do you know if someone is the one? You two have deep respects for each other. Mutual respect enables a couple to build a firm foundation for a deep and strong relationship for it enhances communication, builds trust, improves your satisfaction level and leads to commitment.


You solve conflicts well

Arguments in a relationship mean that a couple talks about dissatisfactory and bothersome issues. As we all know, certain levels of conflicts are inevitable and healthy in relationships, which can help both parties know more about each other, be more compatible, and become closer and more intimate. 

In contrast, a couple that never has any arguments is at a higher risk of breaking up because, in such cases, one or both parties must have unmet needs and wants which will damage the foundation of their relationship if remain unsolved. 


You are best friends

You will find a best friend in a soul mate or the one. Your other relationships remain important to you, but the connection with your partner makes him or her the best friend you have never had. Soul mates develop a deep mutual understanding even if they have been together for a short period. Chances are that you have met your soul mate if he or she is the first person you tell good or bad news, is your partner-in-crime, and is your top supporter.


You can handle emotions in your way

People deal with emotions differently. One may express love by cleaning dishes while another by giving a back rub. Some talk about their frustrations or anger immediately while others withdraw in times of conflicts. If you have found the one, he or she will understand the different ways you vent your emotions and learn over time to find a middle ground. This deep emotional connection allows both parties to express their emotions and have their needs met.


You can be you

How do you know if someone is the one? You know it when you are comfortable being your authentic self around that person. When together with the one, you will feel safe to show your true self, even the darkest side of you because you know that special person loves you including your flaws and vulnerabilities.


Nothing changes when you are apart

Time, space, and responsibilities involving family, work and school, sometimes can overwhelm us and even change a lot of things in our life. But if you've found the one, you two are destined to be together and nothing can change that. You may go for weeks without seeing each other but you never feel uncomfortable or awkward when you meet again. You keep texting and calling when apart and when you meet, you just feel a better connection than before.


You support each other

Being in a relationship is not roses all the way. Even with the one, you will face bumpy roads. Issues such as illness, lack of support from family members, and financial turmoil shake the foundation of a relationship. You can tell if the person is the one by their reaction when problems arise. True love will stand up to any threats and fight all the way until there is a happy ending.


Your favorite moments are with that person

How do you know if someone is the one? You may have found the one if all your cherished moments involving him or her. You probably have thousands of photos to remind you of those moments.


You are a better person

Your life changes when you meet the one. The person may not want to change who you are but he or she will give you a different outlook on life. You start noticing bright colors, being positive even when things don't go your way, having an enriched life, and smiling and laughing more than before. Then when you look back, you cannot imagine a life without him or her.


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