Energy debris has mostly been related to negative thoughts, sentiments, and occurrences and stress emanating from your space. Your house walls, ceiling, objects, carpet and furniture absorb everything happening in your surroundings. The accumulation of these negative energies occurs in the corners and places that are tucked away. But don't worry; a thorough house cleansing can help you to get rid of all the negative things.

When to Have House Cleansing

Look at house cleansing as cleaning dust bunnies that have accumulated in the past. This clearance promotes neutral energy important for intuition. Once the house cleansing is done, the energy lifts, brightens and circulates easily. The execution of feng shui naturally becomes a breeze.

It is always advisable to cleanse your house immediately you experience a negative event, when you feel sad or have been attacked by fear. There are times when it would be best to do house cleansing. These include:

  • After removing clutter

  • Following an argument

  • After occupying a new living space

  • When a companion moves out

  • After a break-up or divorce

  • Following a death or an illness

  • Following the purchase of a second-hand item

  • When you desire energy to start a new project

  • To prepare for feng shui implementation

Preparing for the House Cleansing

No other type of cleansing can take place in your house without a physical house cleansing that involves:

  • A thorough cleaning of the unimportant items and junk in the house. You can easily do this by giving out some of the things you don’t need after selling some of them. This will prepare the ground for spiritual cleansing.

  • Clean the house thoroughly from the top to bottom, starting with the ceiling all the way to the floor and the basement areas. Clean up the walls with lemon water or vinegar, vacuum the floor and carpets, including the sheds and garages.

  • If possible, you can air out the house for some days. Make sure to turn the HVAC off and open anything that can be opened. This should be done at least two times annually, especially during spring and fall seasons.

How to Do Spiritual House Cleansing


Step 1: Make preparation by gathering what you will need like Sage smudge sticks, a glass of water and a large abalone shell that was traditionally used in place of a tray.


Step 2: After that, make sure all doors and windows are opened. Turn fans on to create good airflow through your living space. Light the smudge stick end while keeping a cup of water close and blow it out like incense. This should be fairly smoky.


Step 3: Make a choice of where to start and work from the center. Stand in this position with any other occupant of the house. Take a deep breath before you start. Set what you want the room to be in a sentence or two. It should be aimed at cleansing the room for negativities and all manner of impurities. As you walk around the room, wave the smudge stick while holding the shell below carefully to get hold of the falling embers to make the smoke waft up walls, into window moldings, closets and corners. Visualize the smoke drawing up all negativities that could have taken space moving out through the open doors and windows. This now washes the spiritual dirt away.


Step 4: Repeat the spiritual ritual in all the rooms and change the intention for each as it may be required. You may have intentions of enhancing unity and improving your kitchen nourishment or in the community and have sanctuary enhancement in the living room. After the space cleansing, you can cup your arms around the smoke and puff it towards your body and face while being able to visualize any remaining pollutants, stress and negativity going away through the open windows. Any other person in the house should do the same. Put off the remaining sage in the water glass and throw it away.

Other Housing Cleansing Ways



Fuming involves the burning of dried herbs to get rid of annoying entities. The fragrant smoke cloud smoke keeps them off in the manner of bug repellants towards mosquitoes.

This is usually done by placing a heat-proof pot on top of a heat-proof platform. After that, light an incense charcoal briquette and place it inside the pot. Barbecue charcoal should never be used because of its toxicity nature when burnt indoors. Make sure that all windows are opened and then sprinkle several teaspoonfuls of herbs on it after some minutes to create smoke billows. Some herbs are helpful in repelling entities, sending them to where they originated from. For a minor issue, sage and thyme can be used. For a mischievous entity, use juniper berries, cloves, garlic powder or cinnamon - these strong herbs would require you to leave the room to come once the smoke has cleared. Tell the entities to leave as you sprinkle the herbs on top of the burning coal.


Water or Oil

Blessed water and oils are used to send away entities, especially those with evil intents. Bless holy water, clove oil, olive oil or cooking oil with prayers before using them. You can mix them with chopped, raw garlic. Cleansing is done through sprinkling holy water by dipping your finger inside the oil. Draw a religious symbol such as a cross, five-pointed star as a protective symbol on walls, doors and windows. Speak blessings as you move from one room to the other to get assistance from higher powers declaring to the entities that they are not welcome to the house and that they should leave.



One of the ways of how to get rid of bad energy in house is by using salt. Bless a salt bowl and throw some around your room to protect yourself from unwanted entities and spirits by charging them to leave the house. Further protection would require the placement of salt lines across doors leading to your house and over every windowsill to build a barrier that repels spirits.

  • Always leave the east windows and doors wide open to permit free flow of fresh energy from the sun after cleansing.
  • Visualize brilliant white lighting entering the entire space. Imagine your office or home taking the form of a shining star that will give off light and positive energy as well as giving blessing to whoever enters.

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