Homemade pregnancy test is a specific method you can use to detect pregnancy without having to use any medical products. You can opt for a DIY pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy without having to tell anyone and these homemade tests are usually quite cheap as well. Most of the home remedies for pregnancy test are not scientifically proven to be accurate, but you still need to understand how to handle things properly.

Additionally, these tests may only confirm pregnancy, they are in no way any substitute to the level of antenatal care required to bring a healthy baby in the world.

When to Take Homemade Pregnancy Test

You can make use of several kits to confirm pregnancy at least six days before you miss your period. It doesn’t work in the same way when you opt for a homemade pregnancy test. You usually need to wait until the very first day of missed period to be able to perform a test. Every pregnancy test checks if a hormone called hCG is present in your urine and the home remedies for pregnancy test does the same.

You need to perform your pregnancy test as the first thing after you wake up in the morning because that’s when your urine is more concentrated. You can also preserve a sample of first urine in the morning in a sealable container and use it later.

How to Take Homemade Pregnancy Test

A number of different pregnancy tests may help confirm your pregnancy. Here are the instructions for homemade pregnancy tests.

Dandelion Leaves

It is easy to find dandelion leaves to conduct a pregnancy test. You should however select fresh leaves, growing in the shade because their efficiency may come down due to direct sunlight. Place those leaves in a plastic container and add your first urine in the morning to soak them completely. Leave it for ten minutes and then check for any signs of red blisters on the leaves. If you notice those blisters, it means you’re pregnant. Leave for another 10 minutes if you don’t notice any blisters after the first 10 minutes. If you notice no reaction, it usually means you’re not pregnant.


Pine Sol

It is easy to perform DIY pregnancy test with a standard household cleaning product, called Pine-Sol. Buy a bottle of original Pine-Sol and pour some of it in a container. Add urine to the container to see how it reacts. If the color changes, it means you’re pregnant.



Using white vinegar is probably the cheapest way to confirm pregnancy. Take white vinegar in a cup and add morning urine to it. Leave it for a while and check for any change in color. If the color changes, you’re pregnant. It is a good idea to wait for a wee bit longer if no change in color is apparent after the first few minutes.



Opt for the plain white toothpaste and your morning urine to it. If you notice the toothpaste starting to froth and foam, it is a positive sign of pregnancy. You may also be pregnant if your toothpaste turns light blue in color. It is a good idea to change the amount of toothpaste and urine a number of times if no reaction happens during the first test. You will be better off using this toothpaste homemade pregnancy test as a backup to other pregnancy tests.



Put several spoons of sugar in a bowl and add your morning urine to the bowl. What you have to look out for is the formation of clumps of sugar. If the sugar turns into clumps, it means you’re pregnant. You’re not pregnant if the sugar dissolves into the urine.



You can use bleach to confirm if you’re pregnant or not. Take a container and pour bleach into it. Add a sample of your morning urine to it and notice the reaction. If nothing happens, you’re probably not pregnant. If the mixture foams and fizzes, it usually means you’re pregnant. It is a simple and cheap homemade pregnancy test, but again, there is no set amount of bleach or urine to use to get an accurate result. Also, you need to ensure that you wear a pair of disposable gloves when using bleaching. You may conduct this test outdoor to avoid the harmful effect of noxious fumes.

Can I Rely Solely on the Result of Homemade Pregnancy Test?

It is true that the results of any homemade pregnancy test aren’t always correct and reliable. The result may also be subjective to the woman who’s testing it – you may notice a change in color if you’re craving to be a mother. Also, there is no indicator of how much urine and another substance to mix together to get an accurate result. The instructions about foaming, frothing, blistering, clumping and discoloration may also be vague and confusing. It is therefore a good idea to use commercial pregnancy kits which are scientifically proven and give accurate results as well.


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