It has been very commonly reported that girls who have grown a pixie hair cut get non-pixiesh hair soon after the cut. This stage is almost universal and is faced by many renowned actresses; such as famous movie star Emma Watson faced this stage at her finals in Brown, and Carey Mulligan got this cut while filming the movie Gatsby. Even Anne Hathaway wore this cut when she received her first Oscar. It is not difficult to get a pixie cut, but growing out a pixie cut needs great care and correct handling to take out the gracefulness. In this article we will review some different ways that can help in making the pixie cut much inspiring and graceful.

Step 1: Be Good to Your Hair and Be Patient!

Keep the Hair Healthy

In order to get the best response for your hairstyle, it is vital to maintain the health of your hair. This can only be achieved with well maintained and well hydrated hair. Here are some points which can make the hair healthier:

  • Excessive use of heat and hair dying products can damage the hair keratin protein.

  • If hair straightening is required, then use a mini flat iron to minimize the damage.

  • Use hair serums for keeping the hairs hydrated.

  • Do not wash the hair unnecessarily. Wash on alternate days.

  • Hair conditioners are also available that are helpful in locking the moisturizer of hair. Hair conditioners are needed to be applied over hair surface after using shampoo.

  • In case the hairs are extremely dry, leave-in conditioners can be applied.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

The basic structure of hair is made up of proteins. Just like different organs of your body, it also needs ample nourishment. Eating a well-balanced diet help fulfill the protein requirements of hair. This further potentiates the time frame for growing out a pixie cut. Addition of low-fat cheese, walnuts, beef, Greek yogurt, salmon and potatoes can provide essential protein required by the body and especially your hair.

Step 2: Don’t Hesitate to Trim Your Hair!

One of the effective ways to manage pixie cut is via regular trip to salon for hair trimming. This prevents the hair from developing split ends and damaged edges. Not going to salon on regular basis may lead to the following consequences:

  • The hairs may start developing split ends and start bulging at one end.

  • This will develop into lifeless (damaged) hair. Therefore it is necessary to trim the hair about ½ cm on each visit.

Keeping the hair trimmed from the top and in front row keeps the pixie cut managed. Keeping the layers and bangs on the top; while also keeping a check on the back layer will help in transitioning different styles with pixie cut. Or allow the front part to grow out more than the back while keeping the sides cropped, this will also give a perfect look.

Step 3: Style Your Hair with Some Tricks!

Use Light Hold Gel or Bobby Pins or Just Fingers

Apply some holding gel or tuck the hairs behind the ear to keep them after they grow out a bit. Bobby pins can also be used as a good choice to give your hair a flirty and young look.

Slip a Headband

Decorative headbands of many designs can be used to fix the hair when they are growing out a pixie cut in an awkward length. It also gives a playful but purposeful look at the same time. A thin headband is referred to be used for a smart and sleek look, and the bangs can be completely held onto the back side of hair.

Try a Braid

A braid can be made with the hairs coming out from the front in the form of bangs.

  • Start by holding a deep side part.

  • Use your fingers to make a French braid.

  • Use a hairclip or hair band to slip the ends behind your ear.

Create a Blunt Bands

  • Soon after the hair grows longer, take them from a deep side and move the bangs in a forward direction using a brush. This can give the bangs an asymmetrical and elegant look.

  • The other left part should be aligned behind the ears.

  • A light spray of dry shampoo can be used for holding the hair in place, which is usually just above the eyes.

Add Wave to Your Hair

A "long" pixie cut can be easily managed by giving waves to hairs.

  • Wave can be made at home during sleep. You can use a foam roller but make sure that the hairs are placed in a curled form and away from face. They can be curled easily by using an iron rod.

  • Hair sprays can also be used for loose and bouncy curls.

  • For better face framing, ask your stylist to give top layers some gentle texture whenever the front layers grow out.

Try Slicked Back

When slicked back, the pixie cut can be easily transformed to new chic style. 

  • Apply some soft gel over the bangs to provide a sophisticated look.

  • This style can be a good choice in case of formal events.

Step 4: Embrace Your New Bob Cut!

After the front layers of pixie cut starts to grow out, wait for 4 to 5 months, then go to a salon or a stylist for a good but short bob cut. Congratulations! You made it! Growing out a pixie cut is never that difficult.

  • Inverted bob cut can be taken in which the length of back hairs is kept short than the front layers.

  • Layers can be added to give the hair a bouncy look with volume.

  • In case of blunt bob, the ends must be thinned-out over the ears or else you may end up as a puffy shelf of hair.

  • In case of inappropriate and unmanageable length which is usually in between the chin and shoulders, a little curl can serve as a good option for handing this type.

  • For covering a bad hair, chic topper, hats, fedoras, berets, etc. can be used to manage the hair.

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