Glasses help you see better, but they can also be used as a piece of accessory since they affect your overall appearance. It is, therefore, important to pick glasses of the right color, shade and shape to accentuate your face and draw attention away from areas you’re uncomfortable with.

If you have a round face, you’ve probably found it hard picking the right glasses to complement your cheeks and rounded chin. The goal for you would be to get glasses that make your face appear thinner and longer. So how do you pick glasses for round face female? Find out below.

What Are the Best Types of Glasses for Women with Round Face?

If you have a round face, the first thing you need to keep in mind when choosing glasses is to pick those that add angles. Here’s how to go about it.

Angular and Geometric

Geometric and angular glasses help add sharper and more distinct lines to a round face. This helps give you a more balanced appearance.

Rectangular Frames

This is a great option for people with round faces. It will make your face appear thinner and longer by breaking up the face structure.

Upswept Frames

These work for people with beautiful curvy cheeks. If you want to draw attention to your cheeks, upswept glasses are perfect for you.

Glasses for Round Face Female To Avoid

It is important to note that not all round faces are similar. Some are rounder than others, and so you should try fitting other frame shapes to see what works best for you. Below is a list of glasses that you should avoid.

Small and Short Frames

Such glasses will not work well for you as they accentuate the roundness of your face.

Round Frames

Round glasses will only accentuate the round shape of your face. You will look ridiculous in them.

As a rule of thumb when picking glasses for round face female, the rounder your face, the more angular the frames of your glasses should be. Round faces are characterized by wide foreheads, rounded chins and full cheeks. Your goal when picking glasses is to add some contrast to the natural curves of your face. Generally, you should go for glasses that are wider than they are taller to make your face appear slimmer. Don’t be afraid to try glasses that have print, embellishments, bow detailing and bright colors.

Other Face Shapes Guides: How to Choose the Best Glasses

Heart Face Shape

People with a heart shaped face generally have a broad forehead that extends down to a small chin. They also have high and angled cheek bones. If you have such a face, go for oval or round shaped glasses that have thin and light colored frames. The goal is to try to balance the widths of your face and to conceal your upper face. Avoid glasses with top-heavy detailing and dark frames.

Square Face Shape

Square shaped heads tend to have a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. The width and length are more or less the same proportions. People with a square face shape should wear glasses with narrow frames with more width than depth in a bid to soften the angles and make the face seem longer.

Oval Face Shape

This is considered the ideal face due to its balanced proportions. If you have an oval face, look for glasses whose frame is as wide or wider than the broadest part of your face.


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