You most probably have heard talks about a special time for a woman that happens once every month. That is an emotional and moody moment for all women. It is not easy in some occasions and it is easy for you to misunderstand your girlfriend on her period and treat her otherwise. Therefore before you make up your own conclusions, here are several things that you should always remember to do when your girl is on her menstruation period.

What to Do When Girlfriend Is on Her Period


Understand what she goes through

Well, men can't get the picture of what goes on in such moments of having menstrual cycles. However, they can learn about the symptoms associated with that. The stomach cramps can be really painful, ranging from a dull pain to a stabbing pain, which can even paralyze a woman. And mood swings happen throughout that period. Women can become restless, get headaches, get sore in their genital areas, become sleepy and even have a dramatic change in appetites. Women on period can be really vulnerable and weak, so you have to know how to give extra care to your girl if she's having her period.


Assist where you can

If there is something she is supposed to do while still in her condition, volunteer to help. Helping her with the dishes, taking her items to the laundry, putting kids to sleep or feeding pets will make her situation less stressful. These are things you can do to ease her situation and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Remember that women always have quite a number of things to do. Therefore, be selfless, gentle and considerate during this time.


Make her comfortable

Your girlfriend on her period really needs comfort. A warm hug and massage will help a lot and it is one of the ways to show care. Most importantly, make sure that she feels appreciated and loved at the same time. Let her know that she is a great person and an indispensable friend in your life. If she is away on some duty or at work, make an effort to call or message her.


Don't blame her situation on anything

It is true that her emotions and mood swings are as a result of the menstruation. However, this is not a reason for you to keep talking about it. Don’t relate her behaviors to her period. Otherwise, she may think that you are blaming her genuine feelings on her condition. Your girl can't take full control of her feelings and tends to lose temper easily during this time; and you may aggravate her situation by blaming her. 


Choose your words wisely

Women react differently during their menstruation period. Therefore, do not expect your girlfriend to respond to you as usual. At this time, it would be best for you to keep some of your honest opinions and wait for some time at least after her period is over. Anything that will provoke anger in her may turn out to be a full-blown matter that may go out of proportion. She is already battling with hormones and you obviously do not want to worsen the situation with things she is not interested in hearing.


Be patient with her

It is very helpful for you to keep in mind that your girl’s state will only be for a couple of days and then she will be back in her full self. You probably will be the recipient of her ever-changing mood, like excitement, sadness, rage, wanting to cry, etc. but it won’t be for long. Staying with this fact will help you stay calm and composed even if your girlfriend on her period makes you fretful or even angry. Always be gentle when talking to her, say sorry when needed and agree with her in most cases.


Prepare some food for her

Period causes women to lose a lot of blood and also exhausts them to a point where they may not be in a position to cook. One of the best things you can do at this time is to cook her something great. In this time, she may have unusual food cravings; therefore, you'd better ask her what she wants to eat before making your own decisions.


Watch a movie together

In her menstruation period, your girlfriend may not be willing to go out and in most cases would want to stay at home. So, consider watching a movie with her to break the boredom. Besides, being idle with all that pain and crankiness will make her situation worse and activities like watching a movie will help her forget about her condition for a while. However, avoid anything tragic or things that are heavy on her emotions.


Engage her in physical activities

You should help your girlfriend on her period move around and get some exercise for the purpose of releasing endorphins that prevent menstruation cramps. Activities like speed walking and jogging are useful in prevention of bloating and pain, but strenuous activities and activities involving water like swinging are not recommended. Most women will find physical activities useful in enhancing blood flow and shortening their menstruation periods. This is definitely good news for both of you. 


Sex can help

According to experts, sex or foreplay helps soothe pain that comes with menstruation periods. Well, this is totally up to you and your girlfriend but if she agrees to it, then why not try it out? Therefore, get naughty and help her out. But remember she may not feel sexy during this time, so you need to assure her that she looks good and you love her like always. Again, it can be messy and in that case, you may choose doing it in the shower to help in the cleanup.


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