Welcoming a new baby into your life is an exciting time! Every new parent wants to find just the right name for their little one. The latest trend is to find unique names with character and personality to fit their child perfectly. Unique girl names that start with “X” can be challenging to find. This article will help you get started with some interesting and fun names. There are girl names that start with X and some can be for boys too!

Unique Girl Names That Start With X


Xandy (Greek)

Protector of man. Defender of the people. This name is Greek in origin and is a derivative of the name “Alexandra.” Many parents choose to name the baby the full name Alexandra and use Xandy as a nickname. Pronounced “Shandy”, it can also be a variation of, “Sandy.”


Xaria (American)

Meaning princess of the forest and it can also mean, “Gift of Love.” Pronounced, “Sharia.” People named Xaria take great importance in social status and popularity. They have a passion for justice and work well in a position of authority.


Xavia (Basque)

Feminine form of Xavier and means “owns a new house.” It can also mean a child who is “bright and splendid.” People with this name have a deep need for stability and a sense of community. Pronounced, “Zay-via.”


Xena (Greek)

This girl name that starts with x means hospitable. People with this name are powerful and are successful in business affairs. Some like to add an extra letter and change the spelling to “Xenia.” The pronunciation is “Zee-nia.”


Xerena (Latin)

Meaning Serene and pronounced, “Serena.” Also means, “Tranquil.” This name actually comes from an early Roman Saint, Serena of Rome. Saint Serena was a very noble woman in the early Roman times. It is common to shorten the name to, “Rena,” in western culture.


Xiang (Chinese)

This name means “fragrant.” This is one of the x girl names that can also be used for a boy. Other meanings include “to soar,” or “lucky.” Xiang is also a river located in China. This name is pronounced, “Schee-ung.”


Xuxa (Portuguese)

This is a form of Susanna and means “Lily.” People with this name have deep creativity and need for order in their world. They are great learners and very mystical. Pronounced, “Shu-Sha.”


Xyza (German)

Means “by the sea.” This is a very unique name, but the one complaint from people with this name is it is often misspelled. The positive notes include very rare to meet someone with this name, people think the name is very cute, and people with this name are destined to become leaders. This name pronunciation is, “Zy-Za.”


Xyrisse (African)

This name means “urge to help others,” and “idealist.” People with this name love human connection and comfort. They are creative and freedom loving. They are often an inspiration to other people. Pronounced, “Shi-reese.”


Xyloh (Greek)

Means “forest,” or “of the woods.” This name is not only one of the girl names that start with x, but is unisex and can be used for a boy. Can be pronounced, “Shiloh,” or “Zy-loh.”


Xochitl (Aztec)

Meaning, “princess of flowers and art.” This name is pronounced, “So-chee-tl.” It can also be pronounced with a “z” at the beginning. Some people shorten the name to, “so-chee.” This name comes from the Nahautl language, an indigenous tribe in Mexico.


Xya (Hebrew)

This name means, “Strong willed.” It can also mean, “Trembling grain.” People with this name are independent and have a lot of ambition. This name gives a person the will and drive to go far in life. It is pronounced, “Zya.”


Xandria (Greek)

It means, “defender of mankind.” People with this name are great in management and administration. They are very good with money and make good judgement. They are very spiritual and idealistic always dreaming of a perfect world. This name is pronounced, “zan-dree-uh.”


Xalvadora (Spanish)

This girl name that start with x means, “Savior.” People with this name love serving their community and making sure everyone has what they need. They are excellent at fundraising and community efforts to feed the hungry and house the homeless. They truly live up to their name, “Savior.” This name is pronounced, “Zal-va-dora.” It can also be pronounced with an “s” as in “salvadora.” Some people may shorten the name to just, “Dora.”


Xeraphina (Hebrew)

Means “angel” or “seraphim,” which were very powerful angels. It can also mean, “fiery-wings.” This name is also spelled, “Seraphina.” People with this name are very analytical and have a deep and inward desire to understand life. They have a tendency to be powerful in leadership roles and take the initiative in many things. They can also be very proud and courageous.


Xinavane (African)

Means to “Propagate and spread.” People with this name are clever, intelligent, and good problem solvers. They tend to be guarded when they first meet people, but tend to have magnetic personalities. They are very liked by others and have success in whatever they do. 


Xiomara (Spanish)

Means, “ready for battle.” This name is pronounced, “see-o-mara.” Many people wish to shorten the name to, “Mara.” People with this name tend to appear tough on the outside, but are actually very soft and sweet. They are very ambitious go-getters in everything they do.


Xue (Chinese)

This name means, “To study or learn” or “Snow.” People with this name are great at communication, very friendly, and social. They also have a reserved side, but can easily navigate social situations. This name is pronounced, “Shew-eh.” Some may choose to pronounce it, “Sue.”


Xuan (Vietnamese)

This name that starts with x means “spring,” and is pronounced, “shoo-en.” People with this name enjoy material possessions like pretty jewelry, designer names, and fancy lifestyles. However, they are very spiritual and connected to others.


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