The letter Q is a unique letter of the alphabet in itself. Girl names that start with Q will give your little girl a special name right off the bat. They also have a mysterious and Middle Eastern flair to them. Girl names starting with Q are steeped in rich history and meaning. This article will give you some unique names and their meanings.

Unique Girl Names That Start With Q


Qadira (Arabic)

This name means, “powerful.” This is the feminine form of “Qadir” and even though it is Arabic it is used worldwide as a girl’s name. The name is pronounced “Kaa-dih-ra.” It also means, “Able.” Girls with this name are born leaders and work well as supervisors in a corporate setting.


Qamra (Greek)

This name means “moon.” This name is pronounced “com-ra.” This is a celestial name representing the heavens. Girls with this name love to be in a warm and caring environment, but love their freedom and adventures. They also tend to be very spontaneous and creative. Their personalities reflect the phases of the moon and they are often thought to be moody.


Quanda (English)

This name means “companion.” Girls that have this name are detail oriented and love their home life. They tend to be very active. You can trust them with anything and they are responsible with their own and others affairs. Stability is of great importance to them. They enjoy partnerships in career and personal life.


Queeny (English)

This name means “female monarch.” It is a variation of the title “Queen.” It can also be spelled “queenie” and also stands for “ruler.” Long ago it was most likely derived from the word “cwen” which is old English for woman. This is actually a common pet name for female pets.


Quenby (Scandanavian)

Means “womanly.” Girls with this name are very good at self-expression. They enjoy life to the fullest, and can be very creative. They are very involved in many activities and enjoy being the center of attention. It is pronounced Kwen-bee and can also be spelled “Gwenby.”


Querida (Spanish)

Means “beloved.” Girls with this name share everything they have with others and find satisfaction in serving others. They are drawn to the arts and can be very creative. They can become so engrossed in helping others, they are reckless with money at times. This name is pronounced “Kwer-eeda.”


Quincy (French/Latin)

This name means, “Fifth” or “fifth born child.” People who have this name love to have careers in acting, singing, and writing. They have a deep desire for expression, and can be very successful in their chosen career. They build up great material wealth, but tend to neglect their personal life.


Quinn (Celtic/Irish/Gaelic)

This one of girl names that start with Q means “wise one.” It can also mean “counsel” or “intelligent.” It was actually a last name given to those who served on a Gaelic counsel in ancient times. These people love and adore the beautiful things in life and have a need to decorate their homes in grand fashion. They can be very creative and are good at expressing themselves.


Quinlan (Irish/Gaelic)

This name means “graceful.” It can also mean “shaped as a well” or “counsel.” People with the name crave order in their lives and prefer a safe environment. They are very spiritual and can be mystical. They love philosophy. Because they are spiritual, they can be mistaken for an introvert, but are actually very friendly to others when approached.


Quinlee (Gaelic)

This name means “strong.” This name can also be spelled “Quinley.” Girls with this name are; ultramodern, youthful at heart, and light up a room with personalities. This name rose in popularity around 2010. It is actually a pretty popular American name and the highest numbers of this name used in the U.S. is in the state of Utah.


Qitarah (Arabic)

This name means “fragrant,” and is pronounced “key-tear-ah.” People with this name are very cooperative when dealing with others, and are very diplomatic. They make excellent partners in life and in business. They are very friendly, and kind to others. They also enjoy beauty, soft scents, soft colors, and pleasing textures.


Qula Kay (American)

This name means “free-spirit” and “easy-going.” Qula Kay of Ares is actually a pedigreed and famous Samoyed show dog. People with this name love connections with others, and togetherness. They are very curious and always seeking knowledge. This name is pronounced “Kula-kay.”


Quashi'miuoo (African)

Means “vibrant sparkle.” This name is pronounced “Kwa-she me-oo” and also can mean “born on Sunday.” Some people switch the spelling to “Keisha” to simplify the name. People with this name light up a room and enjoy being the center of attention.


Quinta (Spanish)

Means “fifth born.” People with this name are born initiators and love to lead people for greater good. They are good at delegating tasks, and are great with coming up with ideas and solutions. They are physically creative, and very focused on any goals they set for themselves. It is pronounced “keen-tah” or “kwin-tah.”


Other girl names that start with Q:

  • Quinn

  • Quela

  • Questa

  • Queisha


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