Gin and tonic is a popular highball cocktail which is made by mixing gin with tonic water and pouring the mixture over ice. This drink traditionally comes garnished with a lime wedge or slice. In the United Kingdom, lemon is an alternative to lime. As for calories in such kinds of spirits, you should know, in most cases, spirits won’t have as many calories as a Pina Colada. It is still common, however, to wonder about the calories in gin and tonic.

Calories in Gin And Tonic

Most bars will make a gin and tonic at 4.5 percent alcohol by mixing 30ml of gin with 250ml of tonic. This combination brings the gin and tonic calories to only 200. Keep in mind, however, that a premixed gin and tonic in a 375 ml has 320 calories.

Low Calories Alcoholic Drinks

If you think the calories in gin and tonic is low, then here are more drinks you can enjoy without worrying the calories intake.

Vodka with Soda

If you are looking for the calories in vodka soda, 30ml of vodka plus 150ml of soda (for 40%) will only have 64 calories.

White Wine

A white wine with 11.5 percent alcohol will have 70 to 120 calories in a 150 ml serving.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine has identical caloric information to white wine with a 150ml serving of 11.5% having 70 to 120 calories.

Red Wine

Red wine has a bit more alcohol that is about 13.5%, and has 100 to 120 calories in 150 ml.

Full-Strength Beer

Choosing to drink a 425ml serving of full-strength beer (4.8 percent) will give you 155 calories.

Rum and Cola

A 375ml can of 4.6% rum and cola has 248 calories.

Easy American Gin and Tonic Recipe

To put the low number of gin and tonic calories to good use, try this simple recipe.


  1. Put the spirits in a Collins glass.

  2. Squeeze the lemon wedge and garnish with the lime dropped in the glass.

  3. Stir the drink to enjoy.


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