Beautiful! Okay this word is a great complement for most of women. Women are often regarded as art of beauty. Beauty secret is a great topic of conversation among ladies. Nowadays men are also somewhere aware of beauty as there are many beauty products available all over the World. Have you ever noticed the skin of the Koreans? They are so spotless and gloss that it will make you definitely jealous of them if you are beauty conscious.

Get Korean Type Flawless Skin Yourself


So what is the secret of their beautiful skins? According to Korean actress Song Hye Kyo there are certain packs which will help you to look flawless like Koreans.

  • Honey water pack: Make a mixture of honey diluted with water. Massage this onto your face, and then rinse it off.

This mask helps the actress reduce fine lines and brings a bright glow to her face. Use this before bedtime at an interval of two weeks.


Other than actresses there are some Korean actors who are also available to share their beauty secrets. According to actor Song Joong Ki, he maintains his vibrant skin by eating an apple and drinking yogurt daily. He also stated that daily exercise and body fitness is important for a good skin.


There are also some basic tips which are very important to get a gorgeous skin.

  • Double cleansing is necessary. Koreans consider cleansing as the key to a radiant skin.

  • After cleansing follows exfoliating, it will help to remove the impurities from the skin and unclog the pores for a smooth and refreshed skin.

  • Next toning will help the skin to absorb the moisturizer well. Koreans refer toner as refresher.

  • Essence is a necessary beauty product in Korea. They spray this essence on their face and neck to firm up the skin and give them a clear complexion.

  • Koreans usually use light moisturizers. They apply it using their fingertip circulating in a circular motion to promote blood circulation.

  • Korean face masks are hugely popular, not only in Korea but all over the World. Multiple kinds of masks are available with ingredients like fermented yeast, green tea, kiwi and snail mucin.

  • SPF is a must use in Korea. Most of the women donot step out of their houses without skin SPF.

  • Proper diet is necessary for glowing skin. Koreans eat food which is super nutritious.

  • Consistency is needed to maintain a super flawless skin like the Koreans.


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