Living in a big metro city with all the necessary facilities sounds comfortable to most of us. People do not prefer living in a small town other than to get a relief from the busy city life. It’s often believed that there is nothing entertaining to do in a small town. But if you have a mind of enthusiasm, creativity and curiosity, you will find a thousand funny things to pass your time. Indeed, there are so many fun things to do in a small town, which can create a lot of memorable moments there. Well, let’s have a look at the best 25 of them.



Hunting is one of the most exciting hobbies for many people. Spending a few hours in the woods chasing rabbits, deer, or geese need some patience and persistence, but the taste of the crispy cooked meat can take away all the weariness.



Every small town must have a water body, whether it be a river, pond or lake. And if you love fish dishes, the experience will be even amazing. But do not forget to take the necessary tools like fishing rod and hook before heading for the adventure.



Building camps in the woods has been a time pass for me since childhood. And spending a night in the camp can be the most thrilling experience if you are looking for a change from all the usual routines.



Take a drive to explore the town. All small towns would have some beautiful spots to chill your mind. The best way to enjoy driving is to explore new places.



Well, if you love drawing, this is an opportunity to make the best out of you. Every small town can let you capture amazing scenes and new landscapes. Painting those scenes makes the experience memorable forever.



It’s time to get some workout. Cycling gives immense pleasure and is a good workout. Moreover, it’s a nice means to explore a small town without spending much on cabs.


Play Hide and Seek

You must have enjoyed hide and seek as a child. But it’s not a game restricted to kids, even adults can play it at times. And this can be one of the fun things to do in a small town for adults.


Making Hut

Making huts gives you an awareness of the hardship and tactics used by our ancestors for survival. And this can give you confidence; even without a well-built house or an apartment, you can still survive.


Mud Race

If you love mud race, there is no better option to enjoy your time at a small town. Get out of your car or SUV and start having fun in mud with your friends.



Swimming is fun for most of us. But swimming in the centrally heated pools may not give a feel of intimacy with the nature. Well, this is the best opportunity then; find a nearby pond or lake and have fun swimming.


Mystery Party

Mystery Party is a game where one of the participants secretly plays the role of a criminal or thief, and the others have to guess the person. When played with your best friends, this could be really interesting.



Well, the best place to try meditation is a secluded place. A busy city is never preferable for meditation. An hour of deep meditation in the fresh air, calm environment and in the heart of nature can relax you so much.



This is the best choice to spend your night at a small town. Have a campfire, have your friends around and dance together, you will have a memorable experience.


Share Ghost Stories

How about a scary night at a small town? If you are fond of ghost stories, this is the right place to share it.


Play Games

Well, even a small town would have playgrounds for football, baseball or basketball. And games are a nice option among the fun things to do in a small town, if love playing games.


Have a Drink

A few whisky or vodka can let your mind relax. And drinking in a small town would be an exciting feeling with the calmness and fresh air around.


Meet New People

Meeting new people is really exciting and funny. And in a small town this could help you know the place better. The best way to know the culture and tradition of a place is of course by meeting people from there.


Go Hiking

If the small town you chose is with a lot of mountains and hills, hiking would be a good choice. But you should be equipped with all the necessary accessories including your boots and backpack before heading to the trip.


Draw Caricatures and Portraits

This can earn you some money too, not just fun. But you should be good with sketching people in public. Just grab your drawing materials and find a corner in the small town.


Horse Riding

Well, playing a cowboy in a small town sounds really funny. And it’s a good means to roam around the town too.


Indoor Games

Playing cards, chess or some board games can be entertaining in a small town if you do not find any other stuff. And this is for those who are lazy about going outdoors during the day.


Read Books

Reading your favorite book will be more exciting if you are in a calm and quiet place. And this is a nice choice to have fun in a small town.


Listen to Music

Listening to music can be refreshing and relaxing in a small town. Music can clear your mind from all the stress and tensions. So, do not forget to pack your headphones before leaving to a small town or pack with a book you want to read recently.



Photography is a passion for many. And a small town can offer a lot of subjects for a desiring photographer. And the images captured from the town could make your experience last forever.


Write a Travel Diary

Well, if you are a passionate writer, this is for you. Write a diary about your experiences in the small town. Also, write a blog about all the fun things to do in a small town, so that you can motivate others to spend time in a small town.


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