I have been wrongly accused of sleeping around a lot. I agree that I have sex many times but I do not have many partners. Having a friend with benefits is the solution to enjoying sex when you are not ready to be in a relationship. You are at a lower risk of getting STDs in such an arrangement. However, there are rules to such friendships. Among all friends with benefits rules, kissing related rules appear on top of the list.

Friend with Benefits--Kissing Should Be Avoided

Kissing is fun! Many people kiss to show their love and affection. However, kissing is not necessary for friends with benefits. The most important thing in that relationship is the benefit and not affection or love. Friends with benefits should avoid kissing, especially the following three types of kiss.

Good Morning Kiss

Spending a night together is wrong for friends with benefits and a good morning kiss makes it worse. A good morning kiss is different from a midnight kiss. A passionate kiss at midnight when making out is acceptable but a morning kiss is not sexual, but emotional and affectionate.


Forehead Kiss

Forehead kisses are great. They spur love but you cannot have such a feeling for a friend. You may end up falling in love with a friend that gives you forehead kisses. The challenge with falling for a friend with benefits is that you will only want to be with your friend and put all your heart on him or her. When sex is not the focus, your friends with benefits arrangements will not work and even your friendship will be endangered due to the changed feelings on your side. Just save forehead kisses for your girlfriend or boyfriend.


Goodbye Kiss

Of all friends with benefits rules, kissing goodbye is not allowed. You only kiss a boyfriend or girlfriend goodbye. Some of these arrangements end up in a relationship. However, it is advisable to avoid goodbye kisses when parting especially when you are not interested in a relationship. Keep it casual and avoid staring at each other’s eyes.

Other Rules for Friends with Benefits Relationship


Do Not Go Out On Dates

Avoid taking your friend with benefits for pizza, movies, breakfast, or dancing classes and do not hold hands when walking side by side. Or you are treating your friend like a girlfriend or boyfriend. Friends do not go out on dates.


Friends Talk About Anything But Not Everything

Opening up too much to your friend makes him or her feel like you are in a relationship. Opening up shows that you trust your friend and consider him or her a real friend. However, you cannot talk about everything with him or her. He or she should just know enough about you, not everything.


Do Not Expect Your Friend to Be Jealous

Do not be curious if your friend with benefits is jealous when you sleep with someone else. It is normal for him or her to be jealous once or twice but not consistently. One can only have constant jealousy if he or she likes you and treats you as a life partner. Asking too many questions about it makes your friend think that you want him or her to be jealous. Your friend may also think that talking about other people that he or she has slept with will make you jealous.


A Friend with Benefits Cannot Be Your Favorite

Among all friends with benefits rules, kissing and having favorites are unacceptable. If you have favorite and you can only be with your favorite, then it's a relationship. When you starting having favorites in your arrangements, one of you will fall in love with the other or get hurt, or even both. Set things straight in your arrangement if you want to remain friends after you quit having sex.


Do Not Be Needy

Your friend is not your girlfriend or boyfriend. You cannot call him or her all the time or initiate a conversation whenever you are idle.


Do Not Share Your Arrangement with Your Friends

Do not talk about your arrangement even with your closest friend. Gossip spreads fast. You will either ruin your reputation or hurt your friend with benefits. Avoid sleeping with two or more friends in the same group of friends as well. Chances are that you will be caught or they will make passes at you at the same time.


Stay Away from Each Other

Do not get too involved in your friend’s personal life. Avoid conversations about their problems. Your arrangement is all about having sex and hence must avoid being involved in anything else. Your calls should just be about the benefit and not anything else.


Do Not Sleep With a Friend You Want to Keep

Of friends with benefits rules, kissing a good friend is out of question. If you want to have friends with benefits, avoid good looking friends and those you wish to keep. Instead, choose a distant acquaintance or a new friend. Your arrangement may get awkward and complicated if you are attracted to or too close to your friend.


Do Not Send Text Messages

You may think about your friends with benefits but you cannot send them messages unless you are organizing your next meeting. What's more, keep your messages brief and precise.


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