Beach holidays, afternoons in the park, flip-flops. It’s getting nearer to the time when you‘ll need to regularly unleash your poor neglected feet on an unsuspecting world. So are you ready? Or is there a sense of dread at the prospect? Here’s a checklist for better-looking feet:

Part 1


Book a pedicure at least twice a year or before holidays for immediate results. “If you have a facial treatment, it’s a little bit subjective whether you look better or not,” says Dabbs. “If you have a pedicure you’ll be amazed at the visible difference but also the feeling you have.”


Keep an eye on foot hygiene. “Mix up your shoes every day – don’t wear the same shoes two days running that ‘s the biggest thing for guys,” she says. It’s the best way to air out the shoes and avoid any lingering foot hygiene issues. It also gives the shoe a chance to recover as well as the feet.


Start a regular routine for looking after your feet throughout the year, not just in the summer. The Margaret Dabbs Anti-fungal foot cream is a good way to combat the kind of redness and trauma marks common in men’s feet. “While a conventional moisturizer sits on the skin this cream actually feeds the skin cells.” And features Emu Oil, obvs.


If you’re having big foot issues, review your choice of footwear. “Narrow, thin-soled work shoes can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right feet for them and even flat-soled trainers can give you a false sense of security.”


Use a foot file once a week on dry skin. Margaret Dabbs are one of the few to perform dry skin scrubs in their pedicures and even sell a pro tool which allows you to do this easily at home.


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