Getting food stuck in the teeth is a common experience for most of us. Having something stuck in the gums can be irritating and it’s difficult to relax until it’s gone. Usually, the food can be removed with your tongue, with a toothpick or by brushing your teeth. However, if your gums become swollen, food stuck in the gums can become serious and you may need to see a dentist. Hopefully it won’t come to this if you take swift action when you first notice the food.

5 Ways to Pick Food Stuck in Gums

The food can usually be easily dislodged using one of the following methods.


If you’re stuck with something stuck in the gums when out in public or in the company of others, you’re unlikely to have your toothbrush or floss immediately to hand. Therefore, working the food free with your tongue is probably the best option. Try many times if the first try fails, you will make it.



If using your tongue isn’t getting rid of the food, many restaurants can provide toothpicks. To remove the offending piece of food, gently probe with the toothpick and never poke your gums too hard. However, regular toothpick use can damage tooth enamel, so this treatment should only be used occasionally.



Simply brushing your teeth where the food is stuck can loosen it from your gums. After the food particle has been freed, get rid of any bacteria that have built up by rubbing a bit of toothpaste mixed with water onto the area.


Dental Floss

Concentrate on the area where the particle has been lodged, floss your teeth and the food should come free. When you floss, press very gently into the gum. Flossing may become uncomfortable, particularly if the area is infected, but this shouldn’t stop you.


Saline Solution

Mix salt and water in a cup to create a saline solution, and then rinse this around your mouth. This may dislodge the food particle and the saline will inhibit oral bacterial growth.


When to See a Doctor

If the food is still lodged in your mouth after several days, you’ll need to visit your dentist, who will remove the food stuck in the gums with tools. And if you have accompanied swollen gums, it can be a warning sign for further dental problems, and if the issue is not treated, it may lead to an abscess or a serious infection.

Best Way to Ensure No Food Stuck in Gums

One of the main things dentists complain about the cases of food stuck in the gums is that patients don’t know how to properly look after their teeth. For example, people will use inappropriate tools, such as paperclips, safety pins and pen tops, to get these stuck foods out of their teeth. Using these items to loosen food will do more harm than you realize.

To prevent any teeth problems like food stuck in gums, maintaining a regular dental hygiene routine is essential. You should brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste three times a day ideally after meals and floss at least once daily. Follow these practices and most of the bacteria and debris caught in the teeth should be gone. Remember, don’t use any kind of household instrument to remove food. And if you continually get food particles lodged in your mouth, speak to your dentist, who may be able to reshape or smooth your teeth so that food is less likely to get caught.


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