Diabetes Mellitus (mostly known as diabetes) is a condition which occurs in a human body when the body is unable to respond to insulin, or there is a deficiency of insulin. Worse, both of the conditions can be present at the same time, raising the blood sugar level. Medical innovations have introduced ways to cope up with diabetes, but having a proper diet and taking regular exercise together still can be very effective to control and avoid this disease. Here we will show you many great food options for diabetic patients.

Food for Diabetic Patient—Vegetables

Vegetables except corn and potatoes are found to be fiber rich with low fats and sodium which is beneficial in fighting diabetes. Potatoes and corn fall under the starch category along with breads and grain. Following are some vegetables mentioned along with benefits.

Kale and Other Leafy Green Vegetables

Kale listed as one of the "super foods" does wonders in lowering blood sugar levels in addition to supplying 100 times more than the needed amount of vitamins A and K. It also neutralizes cancer-causing elements in the body as a result of glucosinolates present in it. Collard greens also provide tremendous amounts of energy similar to Kale.



Tomatoes contribute as a filling food item to satisfy a diabetic’s hunger with less GI scores and no starch at all. They are also useful in preventing the chance of cardiovascular diseases.


Sweet Potatoes

The elements present in sweet potatoes serve as combatant to several ailments such as certain antioxidants which have proven to be antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Analytics claim that sweet potatoes can lower HbA1c measures and blood glucose points down to 10 or even 15 points.



Beta-carotene, an antioxidant in carrot, decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes in people who may have a chance of inheriting the disease genetically.

Food for Diabetic Patient—Fruits

Fruits have more carbohydrates than vegetables in addition to high amounts of minerals and vitamins. However, they have less fat and sodium.


This fruit is not only rich in taste but also has immense benefits for the diabetics. According to a research, eating apples per day can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by 23%. Moreover, an apple contains up to 3 grams of fiber which can be an added advantage.


Red Grapefruit

Ruby red grapefruits have an edge over white grapefruits, as they have more antioxidants. Red grapefruit reduces cholesterol by 20 percent unlike the intake of white grapefruit which reduces the cholesterol level by 10 percent only.


Oranges and Other Citrus

Be careful when you eat oranges and other citrus. Eat citrus fruits rather than drinking their juice constitutes, as the former is the healthy and right choice for diabetic patients. A study carried out by Diabetes Care claims that eating citrus fruits decreases the risk of getting this disease for females whereas drinking the juices will lead to an increase.


Blueberries and Other Berries

Diabetics have the chance of gaining special benefits from such kind of antioxidant rich fruits. Berries like blueberry and blackberry can be useful in deceasing blood sugar in some cases.

Food for Diabetic Patient—Meat and Other Protein

This category enlists food items with protein that are good for diabetic patients.


Salmon is one of the best foods for diabetics, as it specializes in reducing the risk of heart diseases for those having type2 diabetes which has an added threat of cardiovascular diseases. Not just that, sardines and wild salmon contain a combination healthy fat and protein which slows down the carbohydrates absorption by the body, gradually reducing the amount of blood sugars. It is surely one of the best foods for diabetic patients.



Beans are commonly known as a rich source of fiber and proteins, including them in the diet of a diabetic can help him control his blood sugar and blood pressure. A chance of first time heart stroke can be reduced by an intake of beans as studies have proven that every 7 grams of beans result in the reduction of first time stroke chances by 7%.



Flax seeds and walnuts contain vitamins and fatty acids needed to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy state of heart. Multiple researches have proven that an intake of nuts decreases the chances of diabetes.


Egg White

High amounts of lean protein and fewer carbohydrates in eggs white work best for limiting the risks of type 2 diabetes. One egg white has up to 4 grams of proteins which makes it the perfect choice of food for a diabetic patient, who has to control his blood sugar level.

Food for Diabetic Patient—Others

Apart from the aforementioned healthy foods, following are all time beneficial options for a diabetic patient.

Barley, Lentils and Other Whole Grains

Antioxidants, present in whole grain in both soluble and insoluble forms, quicken the metabolic process and thus keep the digestive system functional. The hulled barley is good for lowering blood cholesterol and keeps the stable sugar level.



Yogurt stabilizes unhealthy blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that calcium obtained in yogurt is useful in prevention of type 2 diabetes. Point to be noted is that one must go for low fat or fat free yogurt, as regular yogurt is high on calories.


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