When it comes to food combining, there are certain foods that cause negative side effects when combined with the wrong foods.  It is important to be aware of the proper way of combining foods when you are conscious of your health.  There are some food combinations that people would never have if they knew how bad they were for them.

Symptoms of bad food combining range from digestive unease to gas and bloating, from stomach aches to nausea and fatigue. Many of the short term effects will cure themselves in a few days, however, some may persist and become chronic problems, such as dry skin, chronic inflammation, fatigue and digestion issues, and poor sleep patterns.

Basics of Food Combining

Foods do not digest the same way, they digest at different rates and different enzymes are needed to break them down. Some foods also digest better in acidic environments and some digest easier in alkaline environments.

Food will begin to rot and ferment in your body if you eat foods that digest at different rates or need different enzymes or pH levels. The fermentation of the food will become a toxin in your body. If your body is unable to digest the food properly, it will also not be able to absorb the nutrients that it needs. You will end up with low energy levels, breakouts or worse problems.

The order of which food digests is important infromation in any food combinine guidelines. Food that digest quickest to slowest are listed as follows:

  • fruit

  • greens

  • non-starchy vegetables

  • starches

  • protein

You will end with more energy and beauty when you use proper food combining which allows your body to get the most nutrients from the foods. Thus you should better understand the basic food combinations. 

These combinations are good:

  • starches & vegetables

  • proteins & vegetables

  • proteins & plant proteins

  • plant proteins & plant proteins

  • starches & starches

  • fats & carbohydrates

  • fats & starches

  • fruit & raw greens

While these combinations are bad:

  • proteins & starches

  • animal proteins & animal proteins

  • fats & proteins

Foods Not to Eat Together

Since you have known the basic combinations that are bad for you and your health, we list 10 specific combinations of common foods that have found to have the most considerable negative effects. Try to avoid these combinations in your diet.

Eating fruit after a meal

It is considered as a bad food combining to put fruit with most other foods. Fruits digest extremely quickly because they contain simple sugars that do not need much digestions. If you eat fruit with other foods, the sugars will stay too long and begin to ferment.


Layered lasagna or grilled cheese sandwiches

This protein and starch combination forces your body to choose which to digest first because they need different enzymes. Your body will naturally choose the protein which leaves the starches to begin fermenting, and then lead to poisonous byproducts. Adding a green vegetable to the meal will help cheesy dishes digest more easily.


Omelets with meat and cheese

Eating protein and protein together is simply bad food combining. It is much easier for your body to digest one protein rather than more.


Cheese and tomato pasta sauce

Tomatoes are extremely acidic and are never recommended to be combined with starchy pasta. Adding the dairy will only add to your digestion difficulties. Your body will need to expend a ton of extra energy to digest your food, leaving you tired.


Orange juice and milk

The orange juice contains acid which curdles the milk and breaks down the enzymes that are needed to digest the starch.


Cheese and beans

The combination of beans and cheese will lead to bloating and gas.  


Melon and prosciutto

Again, the fruit is high in simple sugars and should be eaten alone.


Milk and bananas

This is the quickest way to create large amount of toxins in your body. It creates toxins that slow down your mind and body.


Fruit and yogurt

This food combination slows digestions, changes the intestinal flora, creates toxins, causes sinus congestion, colds, coughs, and increases allergy flair ups.


Cucumber and tomato salad with lemon dressing

Potatoes, chilies, eggplants and tomatoes are never to be combined with cucumbers. The lemon add even more acidity that confuses the digestive tract.


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