"Invaluable non-invasive natural approach to treat neuritis." When it comes to the treatment of neuritis, Ayurveda has effective treatment strategies for neuritis which offers immense benefits and saves people from becoming dependent on chemical drugs. Ayurvedic treatments for neuritis are now gaining attention though they take a while to kick in and alleviate symptoms because they are highly effective and safe.

Five Ways to Take Care of Neuritis Through Ayurveda


Panchakarma and Other External Therapies

Panchakarma therapies (detoxification procedures) are of paramount importance and are clinically proven, effective non-invasive form of therapeutic approach to management of neuritis. Gentle and soothing massage/external application of warm medicated oil on affected parts followed by hot fomentation is highly effective. They remove toxins from the cellular level, provide remarkable relief of symptoms and prevent episodes of the condition.


Health Supplements

Ayurvedic herbs have immune-stimulating properties and act as nervine tonics, help control pain and alleivate the symptoms of neuritis. Customised herbal supplements for each person heal the doshic imbalance mainly Vata which is thought to facilitate neuritis, controls pain, treats inflammation of nerves and immune dysfunction of the body.


Diet & Lifestyle Corrections

Improper diet, inactivity and stress can elevate neuritis. “We are what we eat.” Intake of unrefined, fresh and wholesome food are rich in “Prana”, the life force which gets transformed into our own biological energies. Intake of healthy diet, staying active and stress adaptation stimulate immunity, nourish the nerves and keep the nervous system healthy.



Yoga invariably helps in neuritis by nourishing and empowering the nervous system and gives positive response in neuritis as it improves overall health and fitness. Pranayama and yoga promotes the flow of energy and have a profound effect on doshas especially Vata. Yoga provides extended relief and treats neuritis.



Physiotherapy is highly significant to revert diminshed perception of sensations. It revitalizes, strengthens and rejuvenates the nerves thereby reduces symptoms of neuritis, reestablishes fine and gross motor skills and improves ones quality of life.


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