Do you know all first signs of pregnancy? Of course not. If you think you know all still I can guarantee there's more - and we have tried to collect almost every single one. Among the listed symptoms, even those earliest symptoms that are very hard to notice.

Remember, when you are in doubt about the early symptoms of pregnancy, make a home pregnancy test - it will certainly remove suspicion. To be completely sure, it is always recommended to make the blood pregnancy test that you can do in any laboratory or at your doctor’s.

7 First Signs of Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may feel a whole range of different physical and also emotional changes. You'll probably feel most if not all the first signs of pregnancy that we indicate here. While all of these symptoms are considered as first signs of pregnancy, their order of appearance may not be as it is here stated.

The Absence of Menstruation

The absence of menstruation is probably the most obvious early symptom of pregnancy. Absence of menstruation is the first possible sign of pregnancy every women need to look at. This is one of the first signs of pregnancy. Some women may have less severe bleeding than usual (implantation bleeding). Also, most likely you will not feel any other symptom of pregnancy until the period is due.


Breast Tenderness

One of the most notable first signs of pregnancy is sensitive, swollen and slightly sore breasts. You may notice this pregnancy sign at bedtime when you are trying to accommodate, when exercising or showering, or when you dress. When you become pregnant, your body begins preparing your breasts for milk production and breastfeeding. In addition to sensitive and swollen breasts, nipples can be painful to the touch and can be extremely sensitive. 

Some women even notice that her nipples began to darken. Your breasts play a very important role in pregnancy. They are normally sensitive or during pregnancy are becoming more sensitive. This is one of the most obvious first signs of pregnancy.



One of the earliest first signs of pregnancy with some women may be fatigue and exhaustion. You might start going to bed earlier or it may feel harder to get up in the morning. If you do, by noon, you could feel like you need to lie down and rest. Exercising may seem as an arduous activity. Simple activities such as shopping can do this symptom imperceptible because you’d think you're tired of walking around the shops. 

This early pregnancy symptom is caused by all the hormonal changes that occur in your body during pregnancy. If you know you are pregnant, you often try to take a break or try to nap of 15-30 minutes whenever possible. Explain to your family, friends, and coworkers that you need this rest.


Frequent Urination

The first signs of pregnancy that others around you may notice are frequent urination. Your family or friends can comment on your frequent visits to the bathroom lately. One of the causes of this symptom of pregnancy is that the swelling uterus can put pressure on your bladder. Also, pregnancy causes increased processing of bodily fluids for which your kidneys and bladder are responsible. This means that you often go to the toilet. We are sorry to tell you this, but this pregnancy symptom can accompany you during all nine months of your pregnancy.



One of the first signs of pregnancy is exaggerated disgust, nausea or vomiting and can surprise you at the moment when you least expect them. These early pregnancy symptoms can appear in the first week of pregnancy. Many women experience morning sickness during the morning coffee and/or breakfast - also known as morning sickness. Other women may notice nausea in the afternoon or evening. Some women feel uncomfortable all day. 

This pregnancy symptom you could win if you eat less (quantity), frequent meals. Many women say that salty crackers and milk can help. Nausea is an early pregnancy symptom that typically occurs a month after the pregnancy began and normalized by the beginning of the second trimester.


Back Pain

Pain in the lower back (low back pain) can literally be a "real pain". This pain is caused by several factors. The first is that your weight is changing. You gain weight because you are pregnant, your uterus gets bigger, and your baby grows from week to week. Next, your posture is thrown out of balance. It is a weight mainly in the front of the torso, which pulls your back. Lack of sleep is another factor for a painful back. You may be laying on your side make it easier to fall asleep, but the weight of your womb is continuously pulling back forward! Get a pillow for pregnant women that can help when lying down to reduce the load on your back. 

Finally, your hormones and changes in the body also have the effect of this pain. Your body prepares for birth and so some of your joints and ligaments, it loosens to the final act, birth, is possible. All of these changes can cause pain in the lower back. It is estimated that about half of all women during pregnancy experience this first signs of pregnancy.



One of the first signs of pregnancy that takes a long time to measure is the body temperature higher than usual. Maybe you had the feeling that you had a fever recently and you think you precede a cold or something, but it is not necessarily the case. Measure your temperature - if it is slightly higher than usual - it is possible that you are pregnant. If you are trying to become pregnant, your doctor may suggest that you keep a record of your body temperature every day. 

If the temperature is higher than normal and remains high over the next two weeks, something is clearly going on with your body. Maybe you are pregnant or may also have a mild form of fever. A prolonged period of fever is a sign that you need to contact your doctor’s expert opinion.


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