Most of us fancy rings and wear them daily, before and after we get married without knowing what the rings on our finger signify. Study has shown that people read meanings into the rings we wear; either for good or for bad. It thus become necessary that we give the right message from the ring we wear. For the exception of the wedding ring, most persons don’t know what the ring they wear on the other fingers mean.

Part 1


The thumb

This is the biggest of all the fingers and nobody actually wears ring on them. However, on occasions you notice rings on such fingers. What does it mean? A ring on the thumb signifies that such a person belongs to an elite privileged society.


The Index finger

The index finger is also called the fore finger. The ring on the index finger signifies that you are single and searching for a mate. Most ladies or guys with rings on their index fingers are telling the world that they are available for marriage commitments. Though some persons who are married do wear rings on their index finger, they are invariably broadcasting the wrong information.


Middle finger

This is the finger that is in the middle of all the five fingers. Wearing a ring on this finger shows that you are engaged. It is a sign of commitment to a marriage proposal. Some ladies do wear rings on this finger though they are not engaged for the main reason of reducing advances from men.


The ring finger

The ring finger is the finger that bears the wedding ring. It signifies that the lady or man is married. Some women wear two rings on their index fingers. One of them being the engagement ring while the other is the wedding ring. This is sometimes the case when the lady gets married to the same man that engaged her in the first place. So, she wears both the wedding and engagement rings on the ring finger.


The little finger

This finger is popular known as the pinkie or little finger. Wearing a ring on this finger shows to the world that you are a divorcee.

Now that you know what wearing rings on the various fingers signify, one should be more careful about the kind of public projections we make by the rings we wear.


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