Even when you have happy, comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle, there are those days when you feel that your moods are so low and you are fed up with life. During such days, you will feel like you are fed up with everything around you, including events, items and people. Some people will also prefer to be alone during such times. This feeling may kick in the moment you fail to achieve certain goals, needs, dreams or expectations in life. As a result of the failure, you will start to feel worthless. In other cases, this feeling may creep because you fell short of your imagination. Mentioned here are some of the aspects of this feeling that you need to understand in order to control the feeling more effectively.

What to Do If I'm Fed Up with Life


Review Your Life Before This Feeling

To properly address this problem, you first need to know where it originated. In this regard, you should pay a close attention to the ambitions, goals and aspirations you had before now, in relation to the experiences and happenings that lead to this feeling. If such is the cause of this feeling, you need to start making realistic goals and ambitions for the days to come. This will ensure that you are working towards something achievable hence negate this feeling.


Share with Friends and Family

Getting fed up with life is commonly caused by downfalls and shortcomings in life. A good way to solve the problem is opening up to those close to you, including friends and family. Talk to such people and express your frustrations with life without worrying that they will judge you. By sharing, you are likely to come across other people who experienced the same problem, hence learn from them.


Regain Control

Weeping and lamenting will not make the condition any better. Instead, these will make you lose your mind and make you become more anxious. You are the only person who is in a better position to tell where you went wrong. Gaining control over your life once again is among the best strategies of dealing with this feeling of hopelessness. In this regard, you should gain control of all aspects of your life, become more realistic, optimistic, and thoughtful as well as share with people to help accept the situation at hand and forge forward.


Try to Relax

Relaxing your body and remaining calm will help you combat the worry and anxiety associated with this feeling. For instance, it is normal for the mind to wander into the past events that led to this frustration. As such, it is vital that you gain full control of your emotions by remaining calm and collected every time. Rather than meditating, try to relax and get good sleep and partake in activities you already love, such as listening to music as you doze away.


Remain Occupied Throughout the Day

If you laze around doing nothing, it is easy for the mind to wander to the past. This constant remembrance of the past events will not help you move on. To avoid remembering and contemplating on the issue, you should look for something fun to do and remain occupied. Here are some of the activities you should try:

  • Yoga

  • Walking

  • Exercises

  • Swimming

  • Watching movies or listening to your favorite music

  • Taking a lunch or coffee break from work


Get Help from a Professional Counselor

While some people shy away from these professionals, a professional counselor can be of great help as you are trying to acknowledge the situation and move on with your life. As such, if you feel that the tired and sick feeling is taking over your emotions and the remedies mentioned here are not working, you should call a counselor to help you overcome this hopelessness. You may also combine this remedy with other remedies mentioned here for better results.


Cultivate a Positive Attitude and Weigh Your Options

Your attitude towards your life is one of the things that can make you prosper or fail in life. If you are feeling fed up of life, you need to take advantage of your attitude to better your emotions. Although you have failed in one aspect of life, you should maintain a positive attitude and be optimistic of good things to come. While doing this, you also need to evaluate your options with regards to future goals and ambitions as well as how to negate the feeling of hopelessness. Here are some of the reasons why you need to cultivate a positive attitude in your life:

  • It will help you work your way through various challenges

  • It will enhance your success in future endeavors

  • It will assist you in bettering your communication skills



Though many people do not yet acknowledge writing as a remedy for this depressing feeling, it is among the most effective remedies. Writing helps to keep the mind occupied and focused on what you are writing about. As a result, the mind will not get the chance to wander to the past. With time, this technique will help you forget about what happened. 

For more information on writing and fed up with life, watch this video

Possible Reasons Why You're Fed Up with Life

In a bid to tackle this problem effectively, you first need to understand why you are fed up of life. There are various reasons why human beings may become fed up with their own lives. Mentioned here are some of the things that may result in this feeling.


Stress is the most common cause of this hopeless feeling. When the body is subjected to a stressful situation, you tend to feel overwhelmed because it appears like you are being pulled in all directions. In such situations, it is possible for you to develop a feeling of being fed up with your own life.



Why I'm fed up with my own life is a question that many people cannot answer up to date. Other than stress, depression is another common cause of the feeling. There are various things that may take away the feeling of vibrancy and the excitement from your life. When this happens, you will start to feel depressed by almost everything, hence fed up with life. Among the common cause of depression is mood disorder. Additionally, the death of a loved one or divorce may also lead to depression.


When Things Are Not Working the Way They Are Supposed To

There are those times in life when you get to encounter one misfortune after the other. In such case, you will begin to feel as if God is punishing you and that nothing is working no matter how hard you try. This can make you lose hope in life; hence develop the feeling of being fed up with life.



While growing up, it is normal to have that burning desire to become something or do something, such as becoming a pilot or a police officer. However, as time goes by, you start to realize that you cannot achieve the goal. This leads to rut, which will make you feel fed up with your own life. This feeling may also creep in when you start to get bored by the routine and monotonous activities in your workplace.


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