Well, if you think that you are not fashionable, this post is specifically for you because we talk about fashion and we want you to enjoy fashion. So, here are some tips and tricks that can make you look fashionable without working too hard for it. Not to forget, this post is for men.

Greatest Fashion Tips to Try



Frankly, if you have always wished for an alternative to jeans, this is the answer, and you know it too. However, you still stick to a pair of branded jeans and get annoyed. It is time to make the switch to corduroys. Other amazing reasons for this switch are that corduroys are offered in various colors and are not common. So, not everyone is wearing them. This means that you can feel different and make yourself stand out in the crowd.



If you ever wish to wear them, make it a point to choose the slim and fitted options.


Plain white dress shirts

You might want to disagree, but the fact is that you should have at least two plain white dress shirts in your wardrobe. The reason is simple. You can wear them anytime with any pair of jeans, and you can even wear any suit piece above it to look good. So, don’t assume that there are no advantages of buying plain white dress shirts. Basically, it is the versatility that makes them feel different.


Patterned dress shirts

Well, we love patterns and enjoy wearing patterned dress shirts. So, pick up some new ones and enjoy wearing them. You can choose solids, check patterns, etc. and add variety to your wardrobe.


Polo shirts

Well, if it is extremely cold and you are planning to enjoy your day outside your house, you should own a couple of polo shirts. It will keep you warm and make you feel comfortable while enjoying your time in the winters.


A variety of shoes for you

You already have a number of them, but make sure that you have at least one for different occasions: one or two for your official purposes, a couple of casual ones, and maybe one that goes well with your party dress. Additionally, if you wish to have one for sports and other activities, go ahead and buy it.


Care for your products

Dress shirts, pants, jeans, suit, shoes, sock....... You should take good care of every product that you have. For example, suits need dry cleaning. Know when should you opt for it and accordingly get them dry cleaned. For shoes, you should polish them daily. In the case of regular clothing, get them washed, whenever you think they are dirty.



A simple watch can help you know what time it is. That is not all. You can even enjoy some other options like your smart band, smartphone, etc. that can help you know what time it is! However, if you ever plan to buy a watch, make sure that you buy a quality watch because it has a number of added benefits. Firstly, you get an opportunity to flaunt it and add it to your look. Secondly, you will enjoy the feel of a quality watch for a long time. Lastly, it will help you get out of the habit of looking at your phone to know what time it is!



Even if your jeans or pants are a perfect fit, there is no harm in wearing a belt. So, go ahead and make it a point to opt for the right belt and enjoy wearing it. In most of the cases, black and brown are the most preferred options available for men. However, if you wish to wear it on a trendy pair of jeans, you can look for other matching colors too.



Frankly, men rarely carry pens in their pockets. However, tucking a pen inside the pocket of your suits or blazers or dress shirts is a good thing because it will help you instantly pick it out and sign the document you want to sign. In this case, it is important to be sure that you choose a pen that works. So, keep checking it at intervals. Also, try not to carry a cheap plastic pen; look for a quality pen.


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