From the bad boy goatee that draws good girls in to the jolly white beard of Santa Claus, famous beards are recognized all over the world. A beard can be both comforting and a major sex symbol. The rough and gruff of famous bearded men runs the gamut. But when you think about famous bearded men, who come to your mind first? Is it President Abraham Lincoln, Civil War General Ambrose Burnside or sports man Yosemite Sam? Now let's get close to the following 12 famous bearded men.

12 Most Famous Beard Men


Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

The White House was presented with its first beard, sported by the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Recently Abraham Lincoln has been seen in movies that are true to fact or as fanciful as the vampires in them. His facial hair was known as the chinstrap as it did not include a moustache. While Lincoln ran for office, he was beardless. But a young girl wrote to him, telling him his face was too thin and should “grow some whiskers”. He took the girls advice, became president and created a brand new world for America.


Grizzly Adams (1812–1860)

Grizzly Adams, a grizzly bear tamer and trainer, is the first to be thought of when considering the beard of a mountain man. Not a chinstrap like President Lincoln, but a full face, moustache, and side-burned look of someone who did not have the implements necessary to shave or cut his beard. One might consider his look to be feral. Dan Haggerty played Adams in both television and movie.


Charlie Chaplin (1889–1977)

After the chinstrap and the mountain look, there came along a famous bearded (or not so much bearded) man named Charlie Chaplin. One may not likely to see his type of moustache anymore because the look that made Chaplin famous was also a well-known feature of Hitler. This look Charlie favored was known as the “toothbrush” which is about an inch wide and long. Chaplin favored it because it did not hinder his famous facial expressions used in his many movies. This was a low maintenance look and was favored at the time among the upper class.


Yosemite Sam (1944- )

A look that modern mountain men model their facial hair after is that of the famous animated sheriff, Yosemite Sam. It is hard to tell where his eyebrows end and his facial hair starts. Born in 1944, Yosemite Sam is affectionately known to children of all ages and wears the most wild and untamed of the famous beards since that seen in Grizzly Adams.


Salvador Dali (1904–1989)

Salvador Dali' look smoothly transferred the look of the moustache to the famous surrealist. This waxed and upturned look that Dali sported was favored by him after seeing it on Diego Velazquez, another artist. Dali was from Spain and a great artist whom most people recognize from his famous painting of the melting clocks. Although a bit strange and bizarre, Dali’s look was perfect for his face and countenance.


Rollie Fingers (1946- )

One of the most famous bearded men was Oakland A’s pitcher, Rollie Fingers. His look is a classic waxed and curled up at the end moustache, similar to Salvador Dali’s but much thicker. Fingers became a Hall of Famer in Baseball and revived this old handlebar moustache look because in 1972 the Oakland A’s owner, Charles O. Finley put out a challenge to his team which was to grow the best mustache. There is no need to say that he won. Fingers most likely grew this particular look as homage to the baseball players of the 19th century. So far as people know, Fingers kept up this look for the length of his career and possibly his whole life.


Tom Selleck (1945- )

Thomas William “Tom” Selleck is an American actor and film producer. Since 2010, he has appeared as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in the drama Blue Bloods on CBS. Having sported the stache he has for a good many years, Selleck shaved his moustache off in 1997. Women everywhere were probably very unhappy. After realizing what he had done, a few years later, Selleck regrew his famous moustache.


Charles Darwin (1809–1882)

Charles Darwin, a man known for evolution of different species and natural selections, is one of the most famous people with a bushy beard. His facial hair is extremely untamed as the species that he studied.


Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the most famous person with a beard. Santa Claus is a joyous, white-bearded man (without a moustache), wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white cuffed red trousers, and a black leather belt and boots. He is the most famous person with a beard and always carries a bag full of gifts for children on Christmas. Santa’s beard is what some may term iconic and has often been tugged by children to see whether or not the famous whiskers were real.


Karl Marx (1818–1883)

Karl Marx is another well-known face sporting a truly famous beard. Marx who started communism, or rather the idea behind it, had what Bill and Ted in the famous movie would have clamed to be most awesome. Marx’s beard was so wild. He had to have had a lot of testosterone to be able to grow the whiskers he had.


Walter Frazier (1945 - )

Between the years 1967 to 1977, Walter Frazier led the New York Knicks to two NBA Championships. During the ten years, Frazier sported the mutton-chops of ALL mutton-chops. The mutton-chop faded much like the Knicks but will always be remembered along with Walter Frazier.


The Gandalf

Like Tom Hanks in Castaway; Gerard Butler in 300; and Brian Blessed of Flash Gordon, Gandalf the Grey and the White, sports one of the most famous beards in the movie, which encompasses the face, neck, chin and upper lip. Pretty badass, but unfortunately the beard, worn by actor Ian McKellan, is a fake. It is one now one of the most seen beards in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and then the Hobbit movies.


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