It is very important for one to understand the early symptoms of pregnancy since individual symptoms are related to other conditions other than pregnancy. However some symptoms are to a very high degree related to pregnancy in such a way that one can easily make a pretest conclusion of positive in pregnancy. Failing to experience your period normally yet you had unprotected sex a while back is a very early symptoms of pregnancy.

Symptoms of early pregnancy might manifest a week after one has conceived or delay for a few weeks before they manifest. However one can be sure of being pregnant after performing pregnancy test either in the hospital or right at home.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy



Seven to twelve days after conception, the mother experiences spotting. She might also experience cramping. A number of women may not notice these as one of the early symptoms of pregnancy, reason enough not to worry whenever one doesn’t go through the experience, one might still be pregnant.

Spotting and cramping might however be caused by else including altered menstruation or just menstruation. Change in birth control pill, abrasions acquired from sexual intercourse and infections might also cause spotting. One should consider all these options other than pregnancy whenever they experience spotting.


Swollen/ Tender Breasts

Within the first and second week after conception, pregnant women might experience swelling of their breasts. Other changes on their breasts include increased sensitivity and they become tender to touch, sore and a bit painful. The areolas also darken and the veins on the chest become more pronounced than those of a woman experiencing her periods. It’s among the first signs of pregnancy

Swollen breasts however are not a guaranteed sign and symptom of pregnancy in a woman. Other causes of swollen breasts include birth control pills and hormonal imbalance. Swollen and tender breasts might also be caused by impending menstruation.


Missed Period

This is the most common of the early symptoms of pregnancy that leads women to carry out pregnancy tests. When one conceives, she automatically misses her next period. It is however common for some women to bleed just at the time they are pregnant. This bleeding is normal but should last for the shortest time and should probably be lighter than normal monthly period.

Other causes of missed periods include tension, stress, illness, breast feeding, hormonal problems, excessive weight loss or gain and fatigue.


Morning Sickness/ Nausea

This is a very common very early symptom of pregnancy and it starts to show two weeks to eight weeks after one has conceived. As we all know by now, pregnancies vary and not all women experience this symptom of early pregnancy during their pregnancy. Some experience it more often than others during the period of pregnancy. There are many ways of dealing with morning sickness including seeking a prescribed diet from a doctor especially one who has specialized on such issues. In the mean time, one can consider foods which include crackers or ginger ale.

However, morning sickness can also be caused by stress, food poisoning, stomach upsets and many other conditions just to mention but a few.


Fatigue and Tiredness

Feeling tired is a common condition among the many very early pregnancy symptom that is common among many pregnant females. It starts confessing on the first week of conception. This happens because the body is releasing more active hormones and body activity is at an increased level. Tiredness might last for the whole of the first trimester and even get into the second trimester in some individuals.

Other causes of fatigue and tiredness are depression, stress, exhaustion, common cold and flu and many more.



Headaches are early signs of pregnancy that manifest during the early stages of pregnancy mainly because there is a rise in hormone level in the body. Many casualties may not really take it as a serious first symptom of pregnancy as such. In case of real pregnancy one can use pregnancy safe acetaminophen instead of ibuprofen which might not really work at this moment.

Headache has very many other causes being the most common symptom of change in body condition that might not be normal or expected by the body. Dehydration, fatigue, impending menstruation, eye straining and other ailments are just but a few that bring about headache.


Food Cravings or Food Aversions

Females who just conceived have a tendency of having a certain desire for specific foods at given times that is not very normal as such. You are not able to get enough citrus and this leads to cravings and aversions. This might last from the time of conceiving to the time of birth or for the whole pregnancy period in other words. Some women can also develop food aversions for the entire pregnancy period. It’s among the very early pregnancy symptom.

Food cravings and aversions can also be caused by lack of certain nutrients, poor diet, illness, depression, stress or impending menstruation.


Frequent Urination

A number of more trips to the bathroom will be made to the bathroom from the sixth to the eighth week of conceiving. Frequent urination is caused by the body releasing more fluids at times of pregnancy thus the bladder works overtime at this particular time. It is among the many early symptoms of pregnancy.

Urinary tract infection can also be a reason for frequent urination. Other causes include diabetes, increased liquid intake and taking of excessive diuretics.



There are very many signs and symptoms of early pregnancy which also manifest individually under other circumstances which might easily be confused for pregnancy. A combination of several symptoms of pregnancy at the same time might suggest the probability of one being pregnant. However it is much better for one to do a genuine test before concluding they are pregnant. That way it reduces the anxiety and makes one sure of the situation and thus have a positive conclusion over the situation.

There are many ways to carry out pregnancy tests including home tests in case of any signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Whenever one is uneasy with home tests they can always carry out tests in their houses to determine whether they are really pregnant or not.


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