Most men tend to ignore under arms workouts despite the fact that large biceps are what most of them desire. Instead, you should take advice from your girlfriend and learn that flabby underarms are nothing close to sexy. However, if you work out your triceps alongside your biceps, you will have well-toned underarms that will be good for flaunting in your sleeveless t-shirts. Try the following tricep workouts and get them in perfect shape.

6 Best Dumbbell Tricep Exercises

Here are the best tricep exercises with dumbbells for the perfect arm muscle:

Standing Bent-Over Two-Arm Dumbbell Tricep Exercise

  • With your palms facing your torso and a dumbbell in each hand, bend your waist by bending the knees a little bit and bringing your torso forward. Keep your back as straight as possible and your head up. The hands should hold the weights, make sure that your upper arms are close to your torso and the forearms are pointing thee floor. For this to be effective, make sure that you have a 90 degree angle between your upper arm and forearm.

  • Maintain your upper arms in a stationary position, exhale as you use your triceps to lift the weights till your forearms are parallel to the floor.

  • Inhale as you bring the dumbbell back to its original position after the second contraction. Repeat these for the recommended number of times.


Decline Dumbbell Tricep Extension

For your starting position, put your legs at the end of the decline bar and lie on your back with a dumbbell in your hands on top of your thighs. Your palms should be facing each other. While lying down, move the dumbbells to the front of you, shoulder width. Extend your arms fully and let them sit perpendicular to the floor.

Inhale with your upper arms still, elbows in and slowly bring the dumbbells down by moving the forearms in a semicircular manner towards you till your thumbs are next to your ears.

Exhale as you bring the dumbbells back to their initial position by contracting the triceps.



Tate Press Dumbbell Tricep Exercise

For your starting position, lie on a bench with a dumbbell in both hands on top of your thighs. Your palms should face each other. Get the dumbbells up with the help of your thighs and hold them at shoulder width. Make sure that your elbows are pointing out and with your palms facing up. Have the distance between your arms wider than your shoulders.

Inhale while you move the dumbbells in a semi-circular motion downwards till they touch the chest. The upper arms should remain still.

Use the same motion, but in reverse to get the dumbbells up as you exhale. Try keeping the dumbbells together while in motion. You should be in total control of the dumbbells and make sure that your upper arms are still and the dumbbells do not rest on your chest.

Use your triceps to move the dumbbells in a semi-circular motion in reverse as you exhale. Try keeping the dumbbells together while in motion, and your arms in a contracting position. Pause for a second, then start bringing them down.



Unilateral Overhead Triceps Extension

To start, hold a light dumbbell with the hand that is working out. Have your torso make a 75 degree angle to the bench and support your body with the arm on the bench. Following the angle of your body, raise the dumbbell back until your arm is straight. Towards the opposite ear, lower the weight and keep elbow pointed toward the ceiling. Pause and get back to the start position. Maintain the angle of the upper arm constant all through. Finish up with one arm before moving the next.



Close-Grip Dumbbell Press

To start off, have the dumbbell stand on a bench. Lie perpendicular to the bench with your shoulders flat on the surface. Your legs should be bent and your hips below the bench with our feet firm on the floor. Hold the dumbbell at arms-length right above your chest. Your palms should press against the undersides of the dumbbell sides.

Start movement by moving the dumbbell towards our chest.

Get back to the start position by stretching your elbows.



Standing Dumbbell Tricep Exercise

Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart holding the dumbbell in your arms. Grab the dumbbell slowly as you lift it over your head extending your arms fully. Your palms should face upwards with the resistance resting on them and your thumb around them. This is the first step.

Maintain your upper arms close to your head with your elbows perpendicular to the floor and in, lowering the resistance in a semicircular manner at the back of your head so that your forearms touch your biceps.

Make sure that only the forearms are in motion and the upper arms are stationery. Inhale as you do this step. Rising the dumbbell using your tricep go back to the stating position. Exhale as you do this.

Variations: Seated Triceps Press where you sit down while doing this or Lying Triceps Press where you lie down on a bench.

Repeat this dumbbell tricep exercise as many times as it is recommended. 


The following video explains some of the best dumbbell tricep exercises explained above, as well as other dumbbell exercises to get crazy triceps. You can't miss this! 

How to Get the Most from Dumbbell Tricep Exercises

In order to reap the benefits of the dumbbell tricep exercise, you must do several repetitions and sets. As reported by Dr. Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic, majority of the people doing tricep workouts need to do only a set per day with 12-15 repetitions. However, this comes with the condition that the bicep muscle must be worked to fatigue. This means that lifting the dumbbell in your last repetition will be a problem. Thus, you might need to vary the weights of your dumbbells.

As you go about your tricep exercise with dumbbells you will realize it will get to a point you no longer feel fatigued. Increasing the sets will not help as much as adding the weight of the dumbbell. It is advisable to increase the weight of your dumbbell weekly by 5-10%.


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