Men’s testes and to a much smaller extent, women’s ovaries are responsible for producing testosterone. When a man has slightly elevated testosterone, there can be positive effects. If the testosterone levels are very high, there can be negative effects. With a small amount of elevation, muscle builds easily and energy levels stay up. It will also contribute to a healthy libido. When testosterone levels are high, there can be consequences to men’s health. This poses the question, does high testosterone cause anger?

Does High Testosterone Cause Anger?


Though testosterone levels can be associated with irritable feelings, the hormone doesn’t actually cause you to be angry. We can manage anger and it doesn’t generally happen without a reason. Testosterone level does not affect our being or staying angry. There is still research being done on whether or not testosterone makes you angry because of it being largely associated with aggression. Hostile, destructive and violent behaviors are both psychologically and physically damaging. When testosterone levels are super high, aggression is more likely to occur over insignificant or minimal circumstances.

The theory gained support when some abusive individuals spoke openly about testosterone addiction in the form of steroids. Often, this is from people famous in the athletic or entertainment world. It is interesting that among those commonly admitting to the use of testosterone boosters, it is also common that they have aggressive behavior. There can be words or actions similar to a volcano if the wrong question is asked. At times nothing triggers suddenly aggressive behavior caught on camera.

The people behave very angry, when there seems to be no reason to be upset at the time.

The theory it may come from an artificial increase in testosterone such as through the use of steroids, comes from these occurrences. It’s important to note that violent and deadly behavior has been reported from steroid use. Chris Benoit is perhaps one of the most well-known cases associated with steroid use. This professional wrestler murdered his family and then killed himself in a rage that the forensic team is still unsure of how it started.

We must remember that anger can be managed, and it is an emotion. How we act, determines the consequences. Though natural testosterone may not cause anger, prolong use and addictive behavior, in an attempt to be calm can instead fuel hot-headedness. This kind of trigger can cause us to say or do things in anger that we can’t take back.

Symptoms of High Testosterone


Does high testosterone cause anger? No. When testosterone is slightly elevated, there can be some positive effects, but when it is extremely high, negative consequences may follow. Some of these include:


When the deep emotional feeling of sadness is overwhelming, a person may be depressed. This can last for long periods of time and cause the person to feel hopeless. There are also physical symptoms such as aching muscles, sleeping too long or too little, loss of appetite and weight fluctuation. Those who are living with depression often lose interest in activities they used to love. When depression is serious, a doctor should be sought. High testosterone may disrupt hormones and cause the body to respond negatively.


The inclination to do things without thinking first is described as being impulsive. Men with elevated testosterone may act without consideration to consequence.

Mood Swings

Does high testosterone cause anger? No. but it can cause mood swings. Severe up and down swings in mood are considered mood swings. Men with elevated testosterone can have depression one moment and be happy the next. There is often no trigger for their mood swings. If there is a trigger, the emotion will be an over-reaction.


When there is excess testosterone in the blood, teste activity may be shut down, resulting in shrinkage. If a man notices a change in the size of his testicles he should contact a doctor immediately. Men who go through testosterone therapy may see shrinkage as well.

Lower Sperm Count

When there are high amounts of testosterone in the body, a lower sperm count can be a result. The man’s reproductive system becomes overwhelmed with the amount of testosterone, resulting in reproduction issues. The testes’ sperm production is reduced and can even stop all together until the hormone is balanced back out.

High Blood Pressure

One known cause of hypertension is high testosterone levels. Because of this, those who are at risk for high blood pressure are cautioned against taking even herbal testosterone boosters. Blood pressure can shoot up quickly, putting the person in life threatening risk. You should speak with your doctor before starting any supplements. Hypertension is a common ailment, so be on the safe side and check with your physician first.


Does high testosterone cause anger? No. But not so lucky with sleep. Poor quality sleep and sleeplessness are associated with elevated testosterone. This can add to anxiety and other psychological troubles. Hypertension is aggravated by lack of sleep, which can become a cycle that is hard to break.

What Causes High Testosterone in Men?


The primary male sex hormone is testosterone. There are multiple factors that can lead to elevated levels of testosterone, such as environment, genetics and testosterone. High testosterone levels can impact a man’s life in many ways.

Heavy Exercise

Produced by both men and women, testosterone acts like a hormone but is a type of steroid. You should keep up with regular exercise to maintain your health, but heavy exercise can elevate testosterone.

High Testosterone Food

Testosterone levels fluctuate naturally, but the wrong diet can raise your testosterone. Red meat, poultry and oysters can increase testosterone. These foods have been noted to impact testosterone levels when eaten regularly.

High Testosterone and Genetics

DNA has a significant role in a man’s individual testosterone level. Some naturally have higher levels than others. You can do a series of tests over a period of time to answer the question.

Testosterone Level and Steroids

There are some steroids that can drastically change a man’s testosterone level. With high levels, violent and self-destructive behavior can follow. Steroids and high testosterone is a bad mix.

Testosterone and Zinc

Increased testosterone levels and zinc have been associated together. Eating zinc-rich foods can elevate your testosterone levels. Some dairy such as cottage cheese and yogurt can be high in zing. You would have to eat a lot of these foods to see a change.


The treatment and risks associated with it are dependent on the person’s age, situation and health. Elevated testosterone can increase the risk of heart attack and heart disease in both women and men. It can also increase the development of gynecomastia (large breasts) in men. Maintain your routine blood tests and exams to check your testosterone levels.


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