Our culture makes women believe that they can only be loved, find happiness, and succeed if they are hot. Women are expected to exercise, diet, inject toxins into their body, try all manner of cosmetics, and even undergo surgery to look hot. The presumption is that looking hot is everything that men want from a woman. This presumption puts unnecessary pressure on women with fat belly. So what do men really think about belly pooch? 

Do Guys Mind Belly Pooch? Hear What Guys Have to Say

Women care about every aspect of their body image including their weight, breast size, butt size, and skin. However, one of their greatest concerns is the belly pooch, which is hard to get rid of it. Do men pay as much attention to the belly pooch as women do? The answer varies but one thing is for sure that men do not care so much about belly pooch as women do and some men may even overlook it. To make it clearer, here are some opinions of guys:

Mr. Wrong: "It all depends on how the girl looks with belly fat. Women with large abdominal muscles and a good shape still look nice with belly pooch. I do not mind having some belly fat to hold onto."

Peter: "I do not care about belly fat. My wife is chubby and I actually like women with some weight on them."

Carter: "Do guys mind belly pooch? Some of my friends say that they care more about boobs and butts but I do not care about either. I like a girl with flat abs, which means she ought to be athletic and share my healthy habits. The rest of the body should also be tight."

Ethan: "The truth is that most men like butts and breasts. Both are not hard like bones. It makes sense to have a girlfriend with some belly fat. It feels good when you hold her from behind."

Oliver: "I think the greatest concern for most men is when women with belly fat wear tight clothes that show off the belly fat. We all have physical flaws but it is a different story when a woman wears clothes that accentuate her flaws. Most men do not care that a woman does not have flat abs as long as belly pooch stays hidden."

How to Get Flat Belly

Do guys mind belly pooch? Maybe yes, maybe not. But I know, girls, you do mind, don't you? Then try these methods below to get flat belly to please your man and most importantly yourself.

Try intense workouts

Vigorous workouts trim all body fat including visceral fat. Do moderate exercises for half an hour at least five days in a week. You can walk as long as the pace increases your heart rate and causes you to sweat. An alternative and faster way is vigorous exercises for 20 minutes at least four days in a week. You can walk on a treadmill at an incline instead of jogging if you are already fit. Intense workouts on rowing machines or stationary bikes also burn belly fat. 

Bear in mind that moderate exercises lower the rate at which you gain visceral muscles. You need intense workouts to burn belly fat. Consult your doctor before starting a new fitness program if you have not been exercising for a long time.


Eat healthy

Any diet that causes you to lose weight reduces your belly fat. Switching to a higher fiber diet alone is helpful. Eating 10 grams of fiber daily will reduce the rate of building visceral fat. This is equivalent to eating one cup of green peas, two small-sized apples, or half a cup of pinto beans.


Get enough rest

Do guys mind belly pooch? Some guys do and one way to reduce belly fat is getting enough sleep every night. It's best to sleep for 7-8 hours every night and you will gain more weight if you sleep for less than 5 hours per day.


Take one or two drinks only

You can enjoy a happy hour occasionally but excessively drinking will only increase your belly fat. The body digests alcohol as a kind of sugar, which eventually turns into fat. Think of your favorite wine as a jar of cookies because your body converts both the same way.


Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps in regulating your metabolism, which affects the process of burning fat in your body. Taking the recommended 8 glasses of water will make your plan of eating a healthy diet and exercising more effective. Drinking a lot of water is also a way of de-bloating because the more you take in, the more you flush out.


Manage stress effectively

We all experience stress but what matters is how you handle your stress. You can reduce stress through exercising, spending time with your family and friends, counseling, and meditation. Any of these ways will help you deal with stress but exercising is most beneficial because it deals with both stress and obesity. 

Following all the tips we give you above, you do not have to ask questions like "Do guys mind belly pooch?" because you already have a flat belly and perfect curvy body.


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