Nipple piercing is very popular among young people today. You will see girls exposing nipple accessories in photos and images online. They do this by wearing revealing tops that show off the ornaments. But why would a girl want to pierce their nipples? How does it feel to pierce these sensitive parts? Does it affect your quality of life? Do guys really like nipple piercings? Read on to find out more.

Do Guys Like Nipple Piercings?

Most of the time women do things that make them feel and look attractive towards guys. One of those things is nipple piercing which has become a norm today. More and more women are getting it done for all kinds of reasons. How do men feel about women with such piercings? Research shows that men are attracted to women with piercings in the same way they are drawn to tattoos. According to men, nipple piercings ranks third, just after piercings on belly button and on nose. 

Though not the most preferred, the nipple piercing is at least never considered a turn off. Want to know more thoughts of guys about nipple piercing? Watch the video here to find the answer:

How are nipple piercings done?

Nipple piercing is the pricking of one or two nipples for beauty. The piercing passes across the skin from the left to the right, or from top to bottom. Then a jewel is inserted into the nipple either horizontally or vertically. 

What motivates women to get nipple piercings?

This may bring us back to the question," Do guys like nipple piercings?" One major reason women want nipple piercings is that they want to please their man, sexually of course. Some other reasons include to look more attractive or beautiful, to show her character, to conceal a defect, etc.

No matter what make sure that the piercer is conversant with this kind of piercing. When getting nipple piercing, you should prepare yourself for the following things:

  • Pain during and after the piercing process

  • Effects on sports activities

  • How to maintain the pierce properly

  • Comfortable sleeping positions

  • How to wear a bra with a nipple pierce, etc.

Watch the video below to find all answers to the questions you may have about getting and maintaining nipple piercings. You will be surprised:

How Can Nipple Piercing Change a Girl's Life?


It Is Not As Painful As It Seems

Although most people imagine that it is a painful process, in fact the nipple piercing process happens so fast and only feels like a nibble.


It Becomes Part of You

Once you get the nipple opening, you soon forget about it because it naturally becomes a part of you. You will only remember about it when it hurts like being pulled by your clothes.


It Changes the Way You Wear You Clothes

The piercing affects your mode of dressing because you become more cautious when putting on clothes. In order to avoid hurting your nipple, you pull your clothes as far away from the nipples as possible. Although it may seem strange, you will find yourself wearing your shirts by pulling them over your head. This becomes the best alternative because it allows you to pull shirts down your chest then through the arms.


It Changes Your Dress Code

Why do guys like nipple piercings? Doesn’t it limit your style? No, it does not, and it just encourages you to try new styles. With nipple piercing, you may have to say goodbye to some sexy open knits, mesh and tight tops, which can cause untold pain if you try them on. But you can try other styles like oversize clothes, baggy tops, etc. Who knows, you may find other cute sides of you.


It Makes Your Skin Sensitive to Touch

You will enjoy nipple piercings for as long as you want only if you don’t keep touching them. Although having them is trendy, you need to know how and when they can be touched to avoiding making your skin sensitive, irritable, red, painful, infected, etc.


You Spend Money on Your Nipple Jewel

When shopping for your nipple jewelry, your imagination runs wild. And there’s an unexplainable excitement coming with buying a new piece of jewelry for those nipple piercings that no other types of shopping can give you.


You'd Better Keep a Low Profile

Not everyone around you is for the idea of a nipple piercing. You should lay low about your little secret in public. Some people will not get the logic behind your pieces. So, close the bathroom door always and avoid wearing revealing tops.


You Should Avoid Perfumed Soaps and Body Scrub

Pierced nipples are sensitive to scented soaps and body scrubs because of the metal jewelry that go through the pierces. Keep off your favorite scented products before and even after the piercings are healed.


Breastfeeding Maybe Affected

If you pierce your teats, be prepared to sacrifice a part of your womanhood -- breastfeeding, which is completely not as rumored that you can never breastfeed your baby. This should not bother you if you don’t have any intentions of breastfeeding your baby or even having children.


You Will Enjoy the Look

Why do guys like nipple piercings? Is piercing your nipples worth it? Having a glamorous nipple piercing is one way to grab attention. It makes you feel and look good. Anyway, maintaining the piercing is easy and it heals quickly.


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