What attracts guys to girls? What can a woman do to win a man’s heart? It does not take much to win a man but just doing the right thing. Men are more attracted to what they see than women are. Hence, men find beautiful girls attractive. But what do guys think about innocence? Read on and discover the traits that men find attractive in women.

Do Guys Like Innocence?

Of course, they do. Although men have different tastes in women, innocence is definitely one of the traits that attract men to women. Below are some of the reasons why men find innocent women attractive.

Unwavering Kindness

People are so used to evil that sweetness is rare and can even seem unnatural and strange sometimes. But innocent girls are in most cases sweet. They treat everyone with unwavering kindness because they have not experienced the world’s horrors. Some men do not value sweetness but most men want to keep a sweet girl.


Morally Upright and Stable

Innocent girls have not tried drugs or alcohol. Some guys are attracted to wild girls but some like women who will not compromise their set of morals. Innocent women are stable and predictable.


Shyness Is Mysterious

A shy girl is mysterious, which is attractive to men. Shy girls do not open up easily. Hence, men view them as a challenge. Guys will try as much as they can to get on such girls’ good side. Men are competitive and love overcoming challenges.


Sexual Purity

Some guys like sexually pure women. They know that they will be the first to touch a girl in a way she has not been touched before. Being with a sexually pure woman gives a man a sense of power and responsibility. He knows he is important to the girl if he is her first.

Besides, although men enjoy looking at half-naked women but seeing a fully dressed woman is sometimes exciting too. They have a chance to imagine how the woman looks like naked. If any of them gets a chance to see her naked, he is assured he is the only one who has ever seen her naked.



Do guys like innocence? Yes, they do because it comes with respect and modesty. They do not want to date women they watch on reality shows who fight with everyone in the bar. Dating such women is inconvenient because the couple will be kicked out of every restaurant or bar. A courteous woman is considerable and knows when to speak up.

What's more, it is hard to find an innocent girl cursing. The world is full of people who cannot complete a sentence without adding the F word. Men find it refreshing to be with a girl that does not curse. Such people are rare.


Making Innocent Girls Naughty Is Exciting

Some men consider dating an innocent girl as a mutual journey to making her naughty, bad or corrupt. They enjoy the adventure and like to be the leader of the journey.


Men Like Being in Control

Why do guys like innocence? Men like to be in control in a relationship. Controlling bad girls is tough because they are unpredictable. But when it comes to an innocent girl, things become much easier. 

Other Traits in Girls That a Man Finds Attractive


She Is a Compelling Narrator

Women talk a lot but good narration skills make the difference. Men enjoy it even if they are smitten every time a woman opens her mouth.


She Is Honest

Men are attracted to genuine women who stay true at all times. Honesty tops the list of favorite qualities for many men. Most men like women who are straight in their talk and behavior.


She Enjoys a Bit of Clumsiness

Women who laugh about clumsiness are attractive. They make ungraceful things like tripping or falling look beautiful.


She Is Independent

Guys do not want to date women who depend on them to do everything. An independent woman is secure and shows that she can take care of herself.


She Is Intelligent

Intelligence does not only come with education or reading extensively. Men like women who understand what life is all about.


She Is Open Minded

A woman who knows everything about a man’s past and does not judge him is attractive. She understands that the man is a different person now and not the person who made mistakes in the past.


She Is Confident

A confident woman is comfortable with herself at all times. She is secure and can relate easily with people in a new environment. She can trust a man in a vulnerable situation.


She Has Enthusiasm

Why do guys like innocence and enthusiasm? Enjoying life is not only attractive but also infectious. Joyful women attract attention without working hard for it. Some people are born with the ability to enjoy life while others must work to acquire it.


Be Herself

Men are not attracted to women who are dishonest about who they really are. Women lose men easily by playing hard to get and pretending to be someone else. Pretending to be shy or confident is unattractive.


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