While we come across hundreds, if not thousands of people on a regular basis, there are only a very few that make an impression in our lives. Every friend in our life is unique. While some are funny and crazy and give us the best time of our lives, others are serious and mature and give us way better advice than our parents ever could. Either way, there’s no denying the importance of friends in one’s life. And it’s important that we recognise which type of friend they are and cherish them for the parts they play in our lives.

Different Types of Friends

Sometimes, the difference between our friends is clear as day, and sometimes it’s as bad as the sky on a windy night. So, which type of friends do you have?

The Fun One

You love hanging out with this one. They bring out the child in you and when you’re with them, you’re having the time of your life. They’re the ones you call when you need to have a good time because they’re the ones who make you forget about all your problems in your life.


The Trouble Maker

When you were in school, his antics were the reason you would have to spend hours and hours in detention. Now that you’ve grown up, you’ve realized that whenever you’re with him (or even when he’s alone), trouble follows him around, and all his adventures end up in him being black out drunk or beaten, or spending the night in a lock up. Not the type of friends you should be having in your life, honestly.


The Intellectuals

Among all different types of friends, this type is a rare breed today. They have a lot of knowledge about a lot of subjects on the planet, and they often pose thought provoking questions or scenarios before you. They are the ones who you look up to because you want to be as smart and as respectable as they are.


The Flakes

They’re the ones who always say yes to your plans, only to cancel plans at the last moment. And it’s always one grandiose explanation after another. They also do not have the decency to inform you of their cancellations, because they believe their lack of presence is explanation enough. Why do you even have such people in your life?


The Shoulder

They are your shoulder to cry on. They are always there when you need them – night or day. Where they are is irrelevant because if they aren’t near you, they make sure you’re okay via phone, Twitter or IG. They are the ones you pour your heart out to, and it means a lot to you that they are there when you need them at your most vulnerable moment.


The Captain

This is the leader of the pack, the one who makes all group plans happen. She is like the captain of a ship while the rest of her friends are like the crew. She’s the one who has the final say of where and when everybody should meet, and most people in her friend circle are happy with her decisions.


The “Mom”

This friend truly cares about you and is worried about your well-being all the time. She’s the one person who can instantly brighten up your day by just being present in your life, and she’s the emotional rock that you need in your life. She’s compassionate, kind and loving, just like your own mother. Talk about having different types of friends!


The Experiment

These are the type of people you usually never hang out with. They’re the exact opposite of what you look for in a friend and yet, there’s something about them which is irresistible. So you give them a try. Sometimes things work out great and you become good friends, while at other times, you argue, go different ways and may look back at them with fond memories later on.


The Crazy Storyteller

Even the most boring stories are converted into the world’s most fascinating tales when these friends take the stage. They are entertainers who love to make people laugh. And even though you have your doubts about half their stories being made up, who cares? There is a lot of fun to hang out with them.


The Bestie

No talk about different types of friends is complete without your BFF. And we know that we don’t even have to explain this one to you!


The Lego

These friends are the ones who are eternally stuck in their childhood – they refuse to grow up. And at one point of time you realize that you simply have to let go of them, because you’re an adult too, and you don’t have enough time in your busy life to put up with the antics of adults stuck in their teen years.


The Family

This one is your siblings, cousins and their cousins, who are closer to you than most of your friends. And since you literally grew up together, you have an unparalleled reserve of memories that you constantly share with each other, including inside jokes that nobody else outside your group has any idea about!


The Flames

Among all different types of friends, this one is special. It is kept aside especially for your exes, with whom you promise you would be friends, but neither of you could keep that promise. Why? Because life happens and you have more important things to focus on.


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