Many people believe that depression is something that can be helped, if a person is really willing to put in effort to cure it. They think that it is an ingrained voluntary feeling that is only temporary and that a person can simply get rid of it if he or she was to try hard enough. Actually, this is not the case, and for battling depression, you need external help. However, not everyone has access to a psychiatrist and sometimes people need help from someone who is not a family member or a friend. In this case, you can rely on the best depression apps that you can easily install in your smartphone or tablet. This is especially helpful for people who do not wish for a lot of people to know about their situation. They can secretly use these depression apps and start feeling better without making a spectacle of it.

5 Great Depression Apps


Moody Me

Price: Free

Available at: iOS

This depression app is something that can easily kick away the blues, regardless of your age group. You should know that they are many factors may influence your mood or make you feel depressed. With this app, you can find out the factors and avoid them in your life. The features of this app include:

  • Can log your mood anytime.

  • Can record what might have made you feel happy or depressed.

  • Some information about medications related with depression.

  • Can take photos of those that make you happy and retrieve them when needed.

  • Colorful chart that help you keep track of your mood development.


Psych Drugs

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what type of medication is right for someone and even though you might have consulted a medical expert (which you should), you might end up still feeling confused about the functions these medications serve you. Psych Drugs is a depression app that helps you figure out what these medications do. It is like the encyclopedia of psychological drugs. The features of this depression app include:

  • Information regarding possible side effects of certain medicines.

  • Reminders.

  • Personality Checkers.

  • A dictionary containing medical terms that people may not understand.


Mood Kit

Price: $4.99

Available at: iOS

This depression app has been invented by two clinical psychologists and this is why it is one of the best apps to have in your phone if you are battling depression. It can help you carry out cognitive behavioral therapy via your own cell phone. It has:

  • More than 200 activities that can improving the mood.

  • The feature that helps you enter your daily mood ratings.

  • Examples to follow.

  • Tips and tricks for you to follow.

  • Recommendations based on your needs.

  • The feature that helps you enter notes.

  • The feature that saves all your notes into a central journal, which you can share and even print.

  • Custom reminders that are linked to your favorite tools.


Positive Thinking

Price: Free

Available at: Android

As the name suggests, this depression app helps you battle depression by inculcating positive thinking in your mind and in your life. Even the smallest of factors can help improve a bad day and this is the main purpose of this particular depression app. You can search this app and find exactly what you need to cheer yourself up. Its notable features are:

  • You can add your own positive messages in the app for you or someone else to read.

  • An appealing interface.

  • A wide range of inspirational quotes.

  • A wide range of happy thoughts.


Fitness Builder

Price: Free for both

Available at: Android and iOS

It has been proved that a lack of exercise can cause depression and we have known the truth is that more and more people tend to exercise like they should. Nowadays, many people have sedentary job or lifestyle, no wonder more people are suffering from depression. So just move on and exercise regularly! With this app, you can:

  • Choose and follow fitness exercise, images and videos that fit you.

  • Record your exercise routines.


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