A Gemini woman is a combination of two or more women. She is too much for some people to handle but there is no need to apologize for it. A weak, timid, or timorous man just cannot handle her. She has many intriguing and challenging personalities and is impossible to control. One minute she is shy and the next sarcastic. She easily moves from being mannered to being wild and unpredictable. Here are important facts that every man should know before he dates a Gemini woman.

Things to Know Before Dating a Gemini Woman


Geminis Are Spontaneous

A Gemini woman will enjoy your company if you do not like eating at the same restaurant or going to the same date spot. She will enjoy making love in new and exciting places. Geminis love spontaneity but also value norms and consistencies that make a healthy relationship. You will never get bored with a Gemini girlfriend.


Geminis love Flirting

A Gemini woman will be loyal and faithful to you but she will flirt with other men. Flirting gives her attention, care, and compliments from other men but she will come home to you.


Her Creativity Will Surprise You

You can hand over the responsibility of planning a birthday celebration or decorating your home. Geminis love to use their creativity to give perfect gifts and plan fun activities for their friends. Planning a perfect surprise makes a Gemini’s dream come true.


Geminis Are Extremely Analytical

The analytical trait in Gemini women makes them self-aware. Instead of being self-assured, they have many doubts because they are always thinking about where they should be and what they should be doing at any point of their lives.


Geminis Are Heavy Spenders

One thing you should be aware of when dating a Gemini woman is that she is a heavy spender. Geminis are good at making, saving, and investing money. However, they have an impulsive personality that drives them to buy whatever they want. Impulse buying is part of their spontaneity.


A Gemini Woman Needs Her Space

A Gemini woman may be deep in love with you but she still needs to spend time away from you to miss you. She values her space. So, give her some space occasionally and you will receive a great reward.


Geminis Can Be Moody

A Gemini’s moods run up and down. Whenever you feel exhausted, just know she feels twice exhausted. Do not assume that she is trying to drive you crazy. Her moods changes all the time and hence your best move is to go along with it.


A Gemini Woman Is No Different From Her Inner Child

Geminis live their lives as their inner child. She may go to the office looking like a sleeping beauty or toss the official coat for a Harry Potter robe. Do not tell her to embrace her inner child because she is that inner child. There is no different between the two.


Geminis Like Texting

Geminis consider texting as the best invention ever in the 21st century. Texting allows them to socialize without real or face-to-face interactions with other people. This is like a dream come true for a Gemini woman.


Geminis Are Curious

A Gemini woman is sometimes referred to as a Jack of all trades and a master of none. She is an intellectual who likes gathering information on many things. When dating a Gemini woman, you can talk to her about anything. However, she is a good researcher. She will find out if you are keeping secrets from her or not.


A Gemini Has an Opinion on All Subjects

A Gemini will fit in any conversation and move swiftly from one subject to another. Her intellect and curiosity enables her to analyze an idea or subject from different angles. Her mind can process different ideas and pieces of information to give a balanced perspective or opinion, which in most cases is right.


Geminis Like Testing Waters

A Gemini keeps searching for love if she has doubts about her current relationship. She wants perfection and falls in and out of love more than any other woman does. This does not mean that she is a female fatale. Such women do not meet the standards of a Gemini. A Gemini views love as utopian but she still believes in it to a certain extent. The best way to keep a Gemini woman is through mental and physical stimulation and intellectual conversations.


A Gemini Adapts Fast to Changes

A Gemini woman is charming and has a way with words. She confronts life challenges well and adapts to changes fast. Her calm and positive attitude gives her a natural charm that everyone finds attractive. She is in charge of her emotions most of the time. For example, she can move from being the hot and sensual seductress to a calm and calculating lawyer within seconds.


Geminis Talk a Lot

You need good listening skills when dating a Gemini woman. Every woman appreciates man with listening skills but Gemini women need the skills more. A Gemini woman talks about anything and everything. If you want to win her over, participate in all conversations even if you do not understand the subject. Show interest in learning from her contributions to the topic. She appreciates a knowledge-seeker and is likely to be attracted to you if you show interest in learning.


Geminis Communicate With Their Exes

A Gemini woman is different from other women who get so heartbroken that thinking about their exes brings about bitterness. She values love but handles a breakup well as long as it ends in a good way. Besides, Geminis are social beings and their large circle of friends is likely to include mutual friends with one or more of her exes. The social ties may cause her to interact with her exes in social gatherings. If you are dating a Gemini woman, be prepared for this reality and avoid acting in a hysterical or possessive manner.


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