Planned parenthood helps in improving the quality of life of parents as well as the babies. However, even with some of the most amazing methods of contraception, some degree of error still exists. In all such cases of unplanned pregnancy, abortion is the way to go if there is no other solution. A female can abort her baby by herself via so many different ways and techniques, but it is ideally recommended to attempt this before 12th week of pregnancy. One of the safest ways to abort the child is through the use of abortifacient medications such as misoprostol commonly available with the brand names of Cytotec, Prostokos, Oxaprost, Arthrotec, Misotrol etc. and mifepristone that is available under the brand name of Mifegyn, RU 486 etc. Here we are going to discuss the uses of Cytotec tablets of 200 micrograms or mcg as abortifacient pill.


How to Use Cytotec Tablets 200 Mcg Orally for Abortion

Sublingual tablets of cytotec (misoprostol) 800 mcg can be used within a window of 3 hours by females who are looking to end their unwanted pregnancy. Sublingual way to use this medicine refers to placing the tablet in between the cheek and gums; this is also termed as the buccal route of administration.

From sublingual route the active ingredient misoprostol gets dissolved in the saliva and is absorbed in the systemic circulation after which it produces its effect almost readily. For this reason these sublingual tablets must not be swallowed into stomach. They are allowed to be swallowed or enter in the stomach after complete dissolution which is usually completed after 30 minutes.

One of the gained advantages of using cytotec sublingually is that the female has no need to insert anything inside her vagina which generally requires skilled hospital staff and instruments to complete the process of abortion. The only care which is needed to be taken is that the tablets are for sublingual use and must not be ingested in the gut.


How to Use Cytotec Tablets 200 Mcg Vaginally for Abortion

Misoprostol (cytotec) of 800 mcg is recommended to be used three times a day with an interval of 6 to 12 hours. Vaginal use of cytotec refers to placement of cytotec tablet deep inside the vagina.

This should be kept in mind that the tablet will not work or produce its effect if retained at the entrance of vagina. For maximum effect it is recommended to moist the tablet before placement inside vagina.

In case in a country where abortion is not allowed or is punishable by law, special care must be taken. This can be done by entering the finger in vagina to check if the tablet is completely dissolved, if not dissolved or any pieces are felt then remove them and immediately consult a gynecologist.


When Cytotec Tablets 200 Mcg Will Be Effective?

The success rates of cytotec (misoprostol) are very high.

  • 70 percent of women are reported with abortion completed in initial 12 hours after taking the tablet.

  • 80 percent of women have completed their abortion after 24 hours of tablet intake.

  • 95 percent of women have aborted their conception products after 48 hours of taking initial dose of cytotec.

However there is a small percent of women who failed to abort, this happened due to variable reasons including dose variation, route of taking tablet and interval in between tablet intake.


When to See a Doctor

Consultation with the health care provider is necessary if any of the following conditions are observed:

  • If there is heavy bleeding such as the female is soaking two or more pads in three hours or less.

  • If there is bleeding with light headedness.

  • If bleeding starts, then stops; after a small interval, it starts again and D&C is performed to stop it.

  • If there is no bleeding at all then it indicates that no abortion has taken place. Another round of misoprostol or surgical termination of pregnancy is necessary then.

  • If persistent fever is present with chills.

  • If female is allergic to misoprostol or starts to develop an allergic response after using it.


Other Things You Should Know About Cytotec Tablets 200 Mcg

Using misoprostol after 12th week of pregnancy (after 84 days) may complicate the condition. Although abortion can be achieved but there will be an increased risk of bleeding with severe pain.

When performing an abortion, the partner, some friend or relative must be with the female, as many complications may take place when the bleeding starts.

In case the female is implanted with an intra-uterine device inside her womb to prevent pregnancy, special care is required. If the female becomes pregnant with an IUD then there is an increased risk that the pregnancy is ectopic, so an ultrasound must be performed to confirm the location. If uterus is involved in pregnancy, then abortion is performed only after removal of intra-uterine device.


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