Mental disorders have always been looked at with bias, ignorance as well as fear in our society. People are labelled as being crazy and this is mainly because of the biased and uninformed view towards mental disorders. And every year around ¼ of all Americans can fit in the criteria of mentally ill. Now let's get a closer look at the so-called crazy mental disorders as well as the worst mental disorders that people suffer from.

Top 10 Crazy Mental Disorders


OCD—Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is quite widely known disorder and occurs when the person keeps fixated on certain things. OCD has both obsessive as well as compulsive symptoms.

  • Obsession symptoms: fear of dirt or contamination, keep things organized and in symmetry, aggressive thoughts to harm oneself or others, etc.

  • Compulsive symptoms: Repeatedly washing, cleaning, checking, having strict routine, counting, and needing reassurances.



This particular is not a very well-known crazy mental disorder. In this condition, the person is unable to function properly when he or she have to make choices. Even a basic decision of going out for a walk becomes difficult for them.

The indecision is so severe that it becomes difficult for them to regain normal functioning. They may experience anxiety, depression, stress and mental anguish. People can become socially reclusive.


Stendhal Syndrome—Beauty Shock

In this particular condition, people are unable to handle exposure to too much beautiful art in a short span of time. This syndrome is common amongst tourists when they visit breathtaking cultural or artistic places or see famous work of art. In face of these things, they will undergo dizziness, increased heartbeat, confusion, disorientation and hallucinations.


Alien Hand Syndrome—Rebellious Arm

This is a very frustrating mental disorder for the person suffering from it. The person lack control on the arm. It acts on its own – moving around, picks up things, responds to other person’s touch. It can cause a lot of distress to the victim and the hand is often referred to as a separate entity from the body.

This condition can be caused after brain surgery to correct epilepsy. It can also be seen after a stroke, tumor, aneurysm or infection and Alzheimer’s disease.


Landau-Kleffner Syndrome—Language Disorder

This disorder affects children between 5-7 years old. It is really a crazy mental disorder because kids who had well developed language skills suddenly lose the ability to understand language or express themselves.

The loss of language may be because the part of the brain which controls speech and comprehension is affected. It is difficult to treat, although speech therapy can be of some help. Some children who suffer from this condition also suffer from seizures, rage, anxiety and impaired short-term memory.


Erotomania—Paranoid Crush

Among all crazy mental disorders, this one makes its victims believe that someone is in love with him or her. And usually this someone is of a higher status, like a celebrity. It is difficult to break this belief, even when the supposed person denies being in love. They might even believe there are several secret admirers and have delusion of reference as well.

This condition is usually seen in people who suffer from other mental conditions like bipolar mania, schizophrenia, psychosis and delusional disorder.


Stockholm Syndrome—Love for My Captor

In this condition, the victim ends up feeling sorry for the kidnapper and gets attached to them and voluntarily complies. It usually happens in cases of kidnapping, but is also seen in cases of child abuse, rape and wife-beating.

The condition is said to happen when the two individuals are tied in a strong emotional bond as a result of being harassed, abused and intimidated. It could also be the reaction of trauma and identifying with the aggressor.


Schizophrenia—Lost in Delusions

One of the more common mental disorders, schizophrenia can be described as being away from reality. People suffering from this condition cannot differentiate between what is reality and what is imagined in their mind. There are different levels to the extent of loss of reality.

People with schizophrenia may display symptoms like delusions, hallucinations of various kinds, disordered thoughts and speech, little or no emotions, poor speech, cannot experience pleasure, lack of motivation and no desire to form relationships.



This one will definitely be labelled as one of the crazy mental disorders and can be life-threatening because a person with this condition tends to eat parts of his own body compulsively! It is type of impulse control disorder and can start off with biting nails and end up with mutilated fingers or other body part.

The person is excited or aroused before committing the act and derives pleasure, relief or gratification when doing this. And afterwards, they will not feel guilt or regret.


Antisocial Personality Disorder—Apathy, Hatred and Cold-Bloodedness

Among all crazy mental disorders, this one is so known because many TV series include stories about it. So we know it's really dangerous and is also referred to as psychopathy or sociopathy. They lack empathy, which leads them to have no morals or emotions. Besides, they may have behaviors, like deception, lying, impulsiveness, irritability, aggression, unconcern for feelings of others, lack of remorse and disregard for safety.


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