What is acupuncture? It is a medical procedure that involves stimulation of certain points of the body, in most cases with a needle, to get rid of pain or treat various health conditions. Acupuncture has been found to be very effective in recent years; so effective, that many people overlook its side effects. Here are some of the most common side effects of acupuncture.

6 Common Side Effects of Acupuncture



Many patients feel very fatigued after the process has been completed. Feeling fatigued should not be a cause of concern, since it simply means that you need to take a rest. The problem is that many people have reported being too fatigued to do their normal chores. If the fatigue lasts for more than some few days, then you should consider seeking medical help.



It goes without question that inserting needles in certain areas of your body may result in soreness. Acupuncture has been linked with feeling sore on the spots where the needles were inserted. The soreness is mostly experienced on your hands and feet. The soreness lasts for around twenty four hours and then starts decreasing. However, in severe cases, it may take a few days to get rid of the soreness.



This effect if less common than soreness. It mainly occurs due to localized blood collection that is initiated when the needle pierces the skin. When bruising occurs, it takes longer to heal than soreness. In many cases, patients have reported being sore even after three days.


Muscle twitching

This occurs during or after acupuncture. It can occur in areas where the needles were in contact with muscles. In other rare cases, muscle twitching may occur in areas that were far from the needles.



There are two major causes of feeling lightheaded. The first one is coming to the acupuncture session on an empty stomach, and the second one is getting off the acupuncture table too fast. In some cases, severe lightheadedness can cause fainting. The lightheadedness dissipates after some hours, but taking a rest immediately after the process can hasten the healing process.


The worsening of the symptoms

Immediately after the procedure has been carried out, there are some patients who report a severity in their symptoms. This symptom is not experienced by everyone, but a large number of people have suffered greatly from it. After acupuncture, comes the start of ‘body awareness’ where a patient may experience high levels of intolerance for things that were previously normal. It is very uncomfortable for many people, but it also means that the process may start working after some time.


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