Most people don’t realize it, but when it comes to fashion, skinny guys don’t really have it easy. People think that those thin guys can easily rock whatever look they want but the truth is, skinny guys have to be very careful about what they wear. Otherwise they might just end up looking as skinny as chicken legs.

And if you’re forever worried about how to look good without having to cover up like a hobo, then you’ve come to the right place. Our article on clothes for skinny people is going to help you tremendously improve your sense of fashion and add charm to your body and character.

Clothes for Skinny Guys

There’s no way you would ever be caught dead in a fashion faux pas, if you always keep the following simple rules in mind.

Say no to shoulder pads

Don’t fall into the marketing hype. Shoulder pads don’t make you look tall and straight – on the contrary, they are very obvious and make you look like you’re trying too hard. There’s nothing embarrassing about being a smaller built; you need to own your body, not let it own you.


Remember no vertical stripes

This one is quite a common rule but we’ll forgive you if you don’t know about it. The thing with vertical lines is that they make you look skinnier than you actually are, which is exactly the opposite of what you want. Instead, opt for horizontal lines. It’s literally one of the best tips on choosing best clothes for skinny guys.


Layering up is good

Not excessively, obviously. You have to learn to layer your clothes correctly. So for example, you can wear a crew neck shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and a jacket to complete your look. For winters, opt for a buttoned up Oxford shirt, wear a jumper over it and finish your look with a peacoat.


Going oversized isn’t the answer

Until and unless you’re a rapper who only dresses 2 sizes bigger, avoid oversized clothes. They will make you look like a fool. Baggy clothes only emphasize your skinny frame, making you appear thinner. I know it’s tempting to wear bigger clothes, but don’t. And if you don’t believe me, go ahead and try them out. Have a good look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll get what I'm saying.


Going too skinny isn’t the answer either

Just because you can shop from the kiddy section, doesn’t mean you should. Super skinny jeans should be completely avoided because they will make others focus on your skinny frame. Not to mention that your legs will have zero room to breathe. Wear regular jeans, or if you really like skinny jeans, wear the regular ones (the relaxed style).


Say yes to slim fit tailoring

When it comes to clothes for skinny guys, you need to wear something that not only accentuates your shape, but makes you look fuller than you are. And for that, you can turn to slim fit tailoring. I’ll admit that wearing tailored clothes is not for everybody because of their price. But if you can afford them, wear them. Not only does it give you a sharp silhouette, but also sends a clear signal to the ladies that you’re a man with taste.


Crew necks are your best friend

You’re skinny, which usually means you don’t have a lot of muscles to show off. So V-necks are out of the question. So here’s the thing – experiment with crew necks. Not only do they complement your body frame, but also give off the impression that your shoulders are squarer in shape. Of course, the fact that you look like a gentleman wearing those crew necks is just cherry on top of the icing.


Use colors to your advantage

Women have known about this secret for years, but men are struggling to catch on. For clothes for skinny guys, their colors, prints and patterns can greatly alter your appearance. See, the thing is that there’s a reason women rush to the little black dress for every special occasion – black makes them look slimmer than they are. The same goes for you. Darker colors will make you look thinner, while brighter colors will make you look fuller.

So for example if you want your chest to look bigger, wear your normal pair of jeans along with a light or pastel colored shirt. Or you can always opt for horizontal stripes – whatever floats your boat.


Play with the widths

Your outfits have to always be balanced. If your bottom is loose and flowing, then your shirt has to be really fitting. If your shirt is loose or baggy, then your jeans have to compensate for that bagginess by being skinny. Not only does it offer a very interesting silhouette, but also allows you to play with baggy clothes as well.


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