Cats tend to show less emotional attachment to their human companion and don't often beg for attention. Dogs, on the other hand, tend to be attention hounds (pun intended), and incredibly affectionate for the most part to their human owners. Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person? Does favoring one over the other tell more about your personality and preferences than you realize? These cat people vs. dog people statements might reveal more about yourself depending on which you prefer.

Differences Between Cat People and Dog People


Introvert or extrovert?

People who consider themselves more of a dog person tend to be more of an extrovert. Dog people often have more positive attitudes, are energetic, and are more enthusiastic.


More Open Minded?

Cats are curious by nature so it is no surprise that people who prefer felines possess this same trait. Cat people tend to be more open-minded, creative or artistic and more willing to try new things.


More Approachable?

If you are considered to be more trusting, social and kind, then chances are you also like dogs more. Nearly 13% of people who chose dogs over cats have more agreeable personalities and are more affectionate, which makes them less threatening.


Easily Stressed?

Most people who prefer cats admit to feeling more stressed out or anxious. They have also been considered to be more neurotic and tend to worry more than those who like dogs.


What Do You Find Funny?

People who enjoy dogs over cats have a more simple sense of humor. They are the ones that will laugh at every stupid joke while cat people tend to have a more sophisticated sense of humor.


How Independent Are You?

If you tend to be more on the independent side, chances are you also like cats more. Cats also carry this same characteristic so it isn't a big surprise that their human companions will be the same.


More Intelligent?

When comparing cat people vs. dog people, those who were cat lovers tend to be more intelligent. They will also be the first to let you know how much smarter they are than you and never let you forget the fact.


A Good Listener?

Dogs are obedient and can follow rules more efficiently than cats. They give you their attention when you call their name and this also reflects in the people who love dogs. Chances are if you prefer dogs, then you also are a much better listener than those who prefer cats.


Live in a House or Apartment?

Most cat owners were more likely to live in apartments as dog owners tend to live in a house. This can be related to the fact that most cat owners prefer their solitude and dog owners tend to be more family oriented.



Are you more of a democrat or republican? Chances are if you are a dog person, you lean more to the conservative side. Cat people tend to have more democratic political views.


Confident and Want to Dominate?

This isn't surprising consider that cats and their human companions like to be alone most of the time. Dog people, on the other hand, exude more confidence and are more dominate.


Masculine or Feminine?

A majority of the people who choose dogs over cats tend to have a more masculine deposition. Cat people are often looked at as more feminine. This is not just in how other view them, it is how they view themselves as well.



If you are always looking for a companion, then you are a dog person. The main reason people choose dogs over cats is for the companionship dogs give their owners.


More Tolerant?

Chances are if you are a cat person, then you are not so willing or open to the idea of ever owning a dog. Dog people, on the other hand, are more tolerant of the idea of owning a cat. When it comes to saying cat people vs. dog people, if you are a cat person, you are strictly a cat person.



While cats may not be attention seekers, they can be quite affectionate. People who are looking for affection over companionship will choose to get a cat instead of a dog.


Which Group Is Larger?

More people prefer dogs over cats. At least more than 6% of people who own a pet in the United States own a dog over a cat. The ratio of those who say they would rather have a dog over a cat is nearly 5 to 1.



Just like dogs, their human companions tend to be more obedient. They don't break the rules or challenge the norm often and tend to follow to pack. Cat people, in contrast, are less likely to conform or obey all the rules.


Your Beliefs?

Since cat people tend to be more open-minded, they also tend to have more unconventional beliefs. Cat people aren't afraid to challenge what they are told, while dog people ultimately will simply believe whatever you tell them.



Being overly sensitive can be viewed as a good or a bad thing. Chances are if you like cats you'll be more on the sensitive side. Dog owners tend to be less sensitive in a number of situations than people who like cats. You must have experienced that.



We have compared a lot about cat people vs. dog people, so we know cat people tend to be smarter and independent, and dog people are more are more reliable and energetic. This ultimately can make for the perfect pairing where one brings out the better side of the other. Never think about that?


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