Imagine, the temperature in your local area is below freezing point, and despite all your efforts, it seems your 2004 Ford Focus just won't start. What do you think is the issue here? It's probably the battery, and the only option you're left with is to jumpstart it. What if car battery won't jump start? It could be due to battery cables, connectors, or even the starter. There are certain signs you need to consider when car battery won't jump start. Check your battery's hydrometer for a red dot – it indicates that your Ford's battery is less than 40 charged. Check the voltage as well – it isn't that low even if it is between 12.1 and 12.4.

Next up, try to start your car again by turning the key and notice any cranking. Do you hear any cranking at all? If you just hear a rapid click, click, click, it usually means the starter is probably fine. If you think it is the battery, you may try to turn your headlights on. If the lights are shining brightly, your problem may be related to the alternator. It couldn't be the starter when you hear that clicking sound. It is important to consider all these factors when car battery won't jump. You may still find yourself in some confusion, but keep reading to learn what your options are when jump start is not working.

Car Batter Won't Jump Start: What's the Problem?


Care for Cables

So many things can go wrong when you notice jump start not working. The most common issue is related to the jumper cables that may not be in the best of condition. If you're not using cables with thick enough wires and strong springs at the ends, the claw won't hold the battery clamps tightly. This becomes more of an issue when the recipient car is seriously cold or has a very flat battery.


Check the Battery

It is equally important to consider when you actually bought your battery. Is it more than five years old? If that's the case, you can't do much if car battery won't jump start. The only solution is to replace it. Sometimes, your car battery isn't going to jump start when there is a combination of problems – like a bad connection somewhere and a bad battery. If you don't hear clunking but hear clicking, it usually means that the solenoid in the starter is making an effort to throw out the starter gear to engage the ring gear on your car's flywheel. It may be failing due to insufficient voltage. It may mean that your battery is bad and is producing shallow charge only – you can confirm it by checking the voltage and this will be the issue if you're getting 12 volts only. Your battery may even be producing some voltage but there may not be much amperage to get the process going. That has be to the case even when you can turn your headlights on, which is more probably going to get dim if you leave them on for a while.


Fix the Problem

To fix it, you may start by taking your battery out and cleaning its terminals properly. Hook it back up and try to jump start it again. If car battery won't jump start even after cleaning, you may have to go buy yourself a new one. Remember, you will still have to jump start the new battery if it isn't already charged. It is important to rev up the running car when you're trying to jump start your new battery because this will help transfer maximum power through alternator. If your car starts, go to a shop to have your battery and alternator tested.


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