Can precum get you pregnant? A common misconception is that you will never get pregnant if your partner doesn't ejaculate inside your vagina. However, there is no simple answer. It usually depends on many things. Actually, there are many other misconceptions and questions about precum and pregnancy, and that's what you will learn in the article.

How Pregnancy Happens?

First let's learn about how pregnancy happens. Pregnancy is the caused by semen which is full of sperm getting inside vagina. During a woman's ovulation, one of the ovaries in female reproductive system releases a matured egg. If two people have vaginal sex (penis-in-vagina sex) during ovulation, semen that come out of a man's penis due to orgasm will get into the vagina and a sperm in semen will penetrate the egg and successfully fertilize it. At this moment, pregnancy will happen. This process takes place in the a woman's fallopian tube.

However, sperm can live for up to 5 days inside a woman's body depending on different conditions. If you have unprotected sex even a few days before ovulation, there is still a chance of getting pregnant.

Can Precum Get You Pregnant?

Precum is a clear fluid that come out of a man's penis during sexual arousal before ejaculation. So it is also known as pre-ejaculate or pre-ejaculatory fluid. Precum is produced by the Cowper gland at the base of the penis. It lubricates and clears the urethra in penis to ensure no acidic urine in it. So, here comes the question, "Can precum get you pregnant?"

Study shows that the majority of precum has dead or no sperm at all. So, in most cases, you will not get pregnant with precum. However, there is still a possibility that small amounts of sperm makes its way into precum. For example, precum may bring any sperm left from the last ejaculation and come out of the penis. If the sperm in precum get into vagina, it could cause pregnancy.

It is worth mentioning that if a man has urinated after his last ejaculation, no sperm would be there in the penis. In this case, precum cannot cause pregnancy.

Other FAQs about Pregnancy

Now that you have found the answer to the question "Can precum get you pregnant?", it is time to learn about some other situations where you may get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from first time sex?

Yes, it's possible that pregnancy can happen from first time sex. There is always a strong chance of pregnancy every time you have unprotected sex near or during the ovulation. In fact, you may be less experienced for the first time sex. The condom may be used in a wrong way and could not protect you from getting pregnant. 

Can you get pregnant from having sex during your period?

It is a common misconception that you cannot get pregnant if you're having your period. The reality is that it is possible, but in rare caseIf you have a very short menstrual cycle or very long periods, the time of ovulation will be closer to your menstrual cycle. Since the sperm can live for up to 5 days Inside your body, you may ovulate within the 5 day window after intercourse and you could get pregnant even without intercourse after period.

Can you get pregnant from a condom splitting or using a condom more than once?

Yes, you can. When the condom breaks, the sperm in semen or precum can get into vagina and it's possible that the sperm fertilizes an egg. If a condom is used once, then throw it away and change a new one. As the used condom becomes weak and fragile, it will be more likely to break if used more than once. This also result in a high risk of pregnancy. 

The only way to avoid a pregnancy if a condom splits while the penis is still inside the vagina is to take emergency contraception no later than 72 hours of having sex.

Can you get pregnant from "dry sex"?

Dry sex doesn't usually get you pregnant because it doesn't involve penetration of the penis in the vagina. There is no way for the sperm to enter the vagina when two fully clothed people are just rubbing their bodies together for sexual pleasure. However, the chances of pregnancy will increase if you have dry sex while nude, but again, the sperm should get in touch with the vagina. So the answer is probably no, but still possibly.

Remember that a woman may get a sexually transmitted infection from a man if the damp patch on clothing from full ejaculation or precum comes in contact with her vagina.

Can you get pregnant from oral sex or anal sex?

Oral sex is sexual activity involving the stimulation of a partner's genitals using the mouth. This will not cause pregnancy even if the man ejaculates inside the woman's mouth. However, this can  spread sexually transmitted infections. Anal sex that involves inserting a penis in a woman's anus cannot cause pregnancy unless the sperm from the anus gets into the vagina. Anal sex can also cause a sexually transmitted infection.

How can you avoid pregnancy?

  • Be sure to ask your partner to wear a condom and use birth control every time you have sex.

  • You can also calculate your ovulation and avoid having sex near or during that fertile period.

  • You need to use emergency contraception within 5 days of having unprotected sex if you don't want to get pregnant. Try to take it as early as possible to make it more effective. Plan B One-Step is a reliable choice to prevent pregnancy – you can also buy other brands of EC, including Next Choice One Step, without prescription if you are 17 or over.

  • Teens under 17 can only get these brands emergency contraception with a prescription.

How do you know if you get pregnant?

It's not enough to find answers to questions like, "Can precum get you pregnant?", or "Can you get pregnant from dry sex?" It is equally important to understand how to confirm if you're already pregnant or not.

Missing your period after you have unprotected sex with your partner is one of the major signs that you might be pregnant. Many other things like an illness, stress, too much exercise, or use of birth control can cause a missed period. To confirm, take a pregnancy test if your period is late.


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