Many women complain of pain while having sex or after having intercourse. The pain is often similar to what a woman may feel when there is a bladder infection present. This condition is called dyspareunia, and is often described by women as a burning sensation after intercourse. However, men can also be affected by this condition but it is most often heard of when affecting women. The causes of this condition can be numerous, but in most cases it is caused by conditions in the urinary tract or genital conditions. The good news is that this can be treated, once the root cause is identified.

What Causes Women Have Burning Sensation After Intercourse?

Many women may experience burning sensation after intercourse, yet women cannot figure out the exact cause of such a feeling. 10 causes are listed as your references and help you evaluate your conditions.

Dryness in the Vagina

Many times, a woman does not naturally lubricate as she should, which leads to vaginal dryness. When dryness is present, the vagina burns after sex because of no lubrication.



This cause is due to flexing muscles surrounding the vagina that are basically in spasm, when penetration occurs. The reason for this can range from scars to mental barriers. However, it is a very painful condition that can cause a severe burning sensation after intercourse.


Yeast Infections

One of the biggest signs of having a yeast infection is a burning vagina after sex. This is due to the vagina already being inflamed and sore.


Having an STD

Any sexually transmitted disease, especially herpes or chlamydia, can cause the burn sensation during and after sex. The vagina may contain internal lesions due to the STD that could become more inflamed with penetration.



A urinary tract infection can be present in many women, causing a burning sensation after intercourse, or even during intercourse. This is very common, as most women experience at least one UTI during their life.


Cysts on the Ovaries

Ovarian cysts can cause sex to be painful, and can cause intense pain after sex is over. This is especially true if the cysts were to rupture. Most cysts are never a problem for a woman, but there are occasions in which they have to be treated.


Uterine Fibroid

The uterine fibroid grows inside the uterus, whose growths are benign. With penetration, the growths can hit specific nerves that affect how the sex feels, resulting in pain or burning afterwards or during intercourse.



This disorder affects the reproductive system and causes uterine tissue to grow in other parts of the body. Women who have this often complain of pain during and after sex, with some women reporting pain for up to 2 days after intercourse.



This disorder affects the opening of the vagina, the vulva. The reason for this disorder is not known by the medical community, but it can be treated.


Friction from Sex

The physical friction from having intercourse can cause a burning sensation for many women. When this is the case, it may mean that the vagina is too dry and that a lubricant must be used.

Will Man Have Burning Sensation After Intercourse? Why?

You may assume that the burning sensation will only happen in women. Yet, man can also experience such burning sensation after intercourse. Below are some possible causes.
  • Having an infection such as thrush or herpes, which causes itching of the penis, can result in a burning sensation during or after sex.

  • Tight foreskin can lead to pain as the foreskin is pushed even tighter during sex.

  • Tears in the foreskin that cannot be seen with the naked eye could be to blame for the burning or pain that is felt.

  • When the prostate gland is enlarged.

  • Some pain can be caused by becoming aroused and never ejaculating. This is true when the pain seems to be around the testicles. If swelling accompanies the pain, it could also be a sign of an STD.

How to Relieve Burning Sensation After Intercourse

There are several methods that can be used to alleviate the burning sensation after intercourse that men and women feel. These methods include:


There are things in which a man or woman can do on their own to help alleviate the pain or burning sensation that is felt after intercourse.

  • One, be sure to communicate with one another, so that each person knows what is going on. This can make it easier to try something new, if needed. Consider using lubricants to help with lubrication, as this can help make sex easier and more enjoyable.

  • Also consider switching positions, as this can sometimes help to alleviate the pain either partner is feeling.

  • Lastly, do not rush sex, as the longer that foreplay lasts, the more arousal, hence lubrication, will occur naturally.



Antibiotics can used to treat issues like an infection, which helps to alleviate the burning sensation after sex. However, other medications may be needed if the cause is due to vaginal dryness. There are also times in which medications that a person is currently taking results in the issue. When this arises a new medication may be given to take the place to avoid these issues later.



There are several types of therapies that are meant to deal with this issue. For example, desensitization therapy is often a way for women to learn how to relax the vaginal muscles to ensure that penetration is not as painful. In other situations, sex therapy or couples therapy is used to underline the issue that is causing sex to become painful. For example, if the issue is due to no arousal or even having negative responses to sex in general. These therapies can help to reverse any sexual issues that may be taking place for either women or men.

  • If vaginal dryness is an issue, use a water based lubricant.
  • Wait at least 6 weeks after childbirth before going back to having regular intercourse.
  • Have routine medical care.
  • Use proper hygiene techniques.
  • Always practice safe sex to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

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