The vast majority of women admit that the days that are dedicated to their menstrual cycle are, by far, the most unpleasant of the month. They often feel depressed, uncomfortable, pained, riddled with unpleasant smells, etc. As taxing as it may be, many women have an additional issue looming in the midst, which is an issue with brown discharge prior to the start of their cycle. This issue increases a woman’s frustration, causing anxiety as they attempt to determine if the presence of brown discharge before period is an indication of a harmful occurrence within the body.

What Causes Brown Discharge Before Period?

The existence of brown discharge before period can be perfectly normal and there is usually no cause for alarm. Commonly, the presence of brown discharge may indicate pathological changes within your reproductive system, which include:

Menstrual Bleeding

The standard discharge that is associated with a menstrual cycle is actually composed of a multiple levels of “waste” that needs to be removed from your body. Therefore, just before the beginning of a menstrual cycle, “old” endometrial cells that were not completely expelled during the previous month will empty themselves. As they remove themselves from the body, the endometrial cells will present as a brown discharge.


Polyps have a tendency to slowly bleed within the walls of the uterus; therefore, the brown discharge is simply the removal of blood from the bleeding polyps.

Birth Control Pills

Due to the fact that birth control pills alter the hormonal levels within a woman, a brown discharge can become a precursor to your period. Additionally, if you are not consistent with the birth control regiment, you can be left with a brown discharge that is paired with a smell that is quite unpleasant.

STDs or Other Infections

There are a variety of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that can cause brown discharge before period, which include pelvic inflammatory disease, vuvovaginitis, genital warts (HPV), gonorrhea and chlamydia. If any of the above be the root cause of the discharge, you will additionally experience burning sensations, rashes, pelvic pain, lesions within the mouth or vomiting.


Implantation is when a fetus has implanted itself within the lining of the uterus which can lead to a rupture. The brown discharge that can also present as pink discharge is an early indicator that you are pregnant. The discharge will occur for two to three days prior to your period beginning.


The growth of endometrial cells on the exterior of the uterus can also cause brown discharge to occur right before a menstrual cycle.

How to Treat Brown Discharge Before Period

It is more likely not a matter of concern or an indication of harm if you are consistently experiencing brown discharge just before the start of your monthly cycle. If the discharge alters in texture or color, or accompanies by pain, then the matter should be expressly evaluated. Your doctor will prescribe a treatment that ideally matches the pathological factor that is behind the brown discharge.

Discovering that there is brown discharge before your period is not a matter that can be left for guessing or treated over the counter. A professional physician needs to be consulted and the treatment regimen assigned should be explicitly followed. The testing and treatment may not eliminate the discharge from occurring, but it will reveal the problem’s primary cause and preventing any further consequences or ailments.


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