Birthday party games for adults can be tough to come by, as most the birthday ideas out there are for kids. When you are choosing games for adults, keep in mind the birthday party theme, how many people will be attending and the general age group. Here, we’ve got some of the best to share with you. These games can help you create something that is truly memorable for everyone who attends. Which one will you choose to liven up the party? Let us know!

10 Great Birthday Party Games

These 10 great birthday party games are kind of ordered by how fun it is. Check out and see if you agree.

Beer Flip

This is a fun birthday part game to get your drink on--totally my love! Each person gets a cup with a small amount of beer inside. Divide into teams, one team on each side of the table. At the word “Go”, the first member of each team drinks their beer, then sets the cup on the edge of the table, top down. They must then use one finger to flip the cup right-side-up. Once that is done, the second person begins to drink. This continues until the last person from one team has flipped their cup, and then they will be the winners! 


Don’t You Dare Smile

To play this game, everyone in the room must sit in a wide circle. The first person walks up to anyone in the circle and says, “I love you! Smile or me!” The other person must then say “I can’t smile today.” The point is that they are not smiling at all. Then the person standing in front of them can do anything to make them smile but can’t touch them. The person who manages to go without smiling wins. 


The Hula Game

Start with some lively music and several hula hoops on the floor. When the music stops, all the players must immediately jump into a hoop and start to move. Those who don’t get into a hoop must do something embarrassing; let the birthday guy or gal decide what it might be! 


The Orange Race

Using a length of pantyhose that can be tied around someone’s waist, slip an orange into the bottom of the hose. Then tie it so that the orange hangs down between their legs. Put another orange on the floor. In groups of three, party-goers must use their pantyhose orange to knock the other orange along a track, and the person who reaches the end first wins. You can prepare a silly prize at the end to add more fun to this “silly” game.


Don’t Pop the Shave!

Give each person an inflated balloon and a marker. They are to draw a face with beard on the balloon. Then give them shaving cream which they will apply to the “beard” of the balloon. Using a plastic knife, they will then “shave” the balloon, and have to take care not to pop it. The last person with an unpopped (and shaven!) balloon wins! 


Two Truths and One Lie

Everyone in the group must take turns telling things about themselves. They tell two truths and one lie. Everyone else has to figure out which statement is the lie. If the liar succeeds in fooling everyone, they get a prize.  Or, they have to do something funny or silly for their loss.


Keep the Pegs

To begin, each person at the party gets clothes pins which they then put on their clothes in plain sight. The person hosting the party will read out a list of words that are very common, such as “cake” or “drink” or the name of the birthday girl or guy. Whenever someone says those words, they lose a pin. The person at the end of the party with the most pins left wins a prize. 


Funny Business

At the start of the party, each person is given two or three slips of paper. They write some actions on the paper, which the others will have to perform. Then the slips of paper are put into a hat. Later each person draws slip at random and then performs the action. This can be loads of fun and can get a little raunchy, too! 


Men VS. Women

To play this game, divide the guests into two teams: the men and the women. Using a PowerPoint presentation, give them trivia questions about the opposite sex to answer. Each question is worth one point. The team that scores the best wins! 


Fluffy Toss

Divide the room into teams. Each team will designate a “catcher.” The idea is that the catcher has to catch the marshmallows that their team members throw at them, but they can only catch them with their mouth and they have to eat them! This is a great game to play when everyone has been drinking a bit, because it gets loud and fun! 

  • Keep in mind that all of these games are best done with several people so as to make the room much rowdier.
  • It also helps if you have people of about the same age.
  • Finally, remember that any good adult birthday party games come equipped with copious amounts of alcohol. Enjoy!

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